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Securing Your Ride: Car Locksmith Solutions in Phoenix

Securing Your Ride: Car Locksmith Solutions in Phoenix

Most people don’t realize the importance of an automotive locksmith unless they experience car lockouts, losing car keys, broken keys, or other car lock-associated issues. These issues are quite stressful and inconvenient, especially when they happen in a deserted place or unpleasant weather. 

Therefore, it is always useful to have an auto locksmith number saved in your contact list. 

An auto locksmith, as the name suggests, addresses the issues found in vehicle keys and locks. Their job is identical to a general locksmith’s except, not to mention, they deal with vehicle locks rather than doors in properties. 

The good thing is that there are many auto locksmiths in Phoenix, meaning that they can be easily available to help you out of your trouble. 

In this blog, we will walk through the benefits of choosing an automotive locksmith in Phoenix, and why you should always have their contact information at the ready. 

Emergency Lockout Assistance

Car Locksmith

Have you ever been locked out of your car?

If so, you must have understood how devastating and distressing the situation was. Well, it can happen to anyone, especially when it is least expected. But you don’t need to fret if you can access an auto locksmith to deal with such issues. 

Phoenix Locksmith for cars has expertise in providing lockout assistance. They can quickly and professionally unlock your car door without causing damage to your vehicle. With an automotive locksmith by your side, you don’t have to resort to breaking a window or resort to other potentially costly and destructive measures to get access to the car. 

Key Replacement

Losing your car keys or having them stolen is quite stressful. 

Today’s car keys are more than just a simple piece of metal; they are often composed of transponder chips and complicated electronics. 

A car locksmith in Phoenix can replace lost or stolen keys, reprogram transponders, and provide you with a new set of keys that work seamlessly with your vehicle’s security system. This can save you both time and money compared to getting replacement keys from the dealership.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

Ignition issues with your car are as frustrating as losing your car keys

Your automobile may not be able to start or may even stall while you are driving as a result of ignition problems. An expert automobile locksmith can identify the issue and carry out fixes right away. They might need to completely replace the ignition in some circumstances. You can resume driving without spending money on expensive towing services or trips to the dealership thanks to their expertise in different ignition systems.

Quick Response Time

As we have said, lock and car issues are likely to happen more when they are least expected. They can occur at any time. Luckily, there are many 24/7 auto locksmiths in Phoenix offering round-the-clock emergency services. Therefore, you can count on them to help you, day or night. 

Their quick response can save you from being stranded or waiting for an extended period for help to arrive.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Dealerships are known for their exorbitant markups on replacement components and excessive service fees. On the other hand, automotive locksmiths in Phoenix typically charge less and provide competitive pricing for their services. They can assist you in avoiding towing fees in addition to saving you money on key replacement and ignition repairs. A locksmith is frequently a more affordable option than a dealership for a range of vehicle problems.

Wide Range of Services

A good car locksmith in Phoenix just provides much more than just key creation and door-unlocking services. They can help with a variety of car types and makes, both domestic and foreign. 

Whether you operate a conventional sedan, a high-end vehicle, a truck, or an SUV, these experts have the skills and equipment necessary to meet your needs. 

Mobile Service

Many car locksmiths in Phoenix offer their services on a wheel. Simply put, they travel with all their equipment in their vehicle to offer necessary services. This means that they can travel to you, regardless of where you are—on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Mobile service is convenient and time-saving, particularly when you’re in a rush or dealing with an emergency.

Expertise in Transponder Keys

Transponder keys, which are frequently included with modern vehicles, are intended to increase security by interacting with the vehicle’s immobilizer system. 

A damaged or improperly configured transponder key may prevent a car from starting or even lock the driver out. Phoenix’s automotive locksmiths are skilled in transponder key repairs and programming. They can make sure your transponder key works properly, enabling you to drive your car safely and easily.

Key Extraction

Car keys Locksmith 

It is not easy to get the broken piece of a key out of the lock or ignition of your automobile unless you are a car locksmith. Doing it on your own can lead to more harm. Enter a Phoenix car locksmith. They can safely remove the extract of the broken key, thanks to their tools and experience. 

Enhanced Security

Automotive locksmiths can help improve the security of your car in addition to helping you if you get locked out or have key problems. They can offer guidance on how to strengthen the security components of your car, such as installing high-security locks or updating the alarm system. 

Over to You…

So these are some key benefits of car locksmiths in Phoenix. 

From emergency lockout assistance and key replacement to ignition repair and guiding over car security, these professionals can help you in numerous situations. Their expertise in various vehicle makes and models, as well as their mobile services, make them a convenient choice for drivers in need. 

At AZ Locksmith, we take pride in delivering top-notch auto locksmith services. Whether you find yourself locked out of your car, need a replacement key, or require a complex transponder key reprogramming, we’ve got you covered. With our experienced and skilled locksmiths, cutting-edge equipment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your automotive locksmith needs are met efficiently and effectively. 

Maximizing Office Security: Access Control Systems in Phoenix

Maximizing Office Security: Access Control Systems in Phoenix

In an age where incidents of industrial vandalism and theft are on the rise, businesses need to protect their assets. To address these concerns, a high-quality access control system can be a game-changer.  

Access control systems by Locksmith Phoenix Arizona are advanced security solutions beyond your traditional lock and key methods. With an access control system, you gain the ability to manage and monitor access remotely from a central terminal. 

In this article, we will understand the advantages of implementing access control systems and why businesses should consider investing in them. Let’s get started.   

Understanding the Components of a Building Access System 

A typical building access system comprises four essential components:  

  • Master: The central control unit that oversees the entire access control system. 
  • Controller: The unit responsible for managing access permissions and user data. 
  • Entry Control Unit: The hardware that interfaces with doors, gates, or other entry points. 
  • User Input Device: Devices like keypads or card readers through which users request access.

These four components work in harmony to create a secure and efficient access control system. 

Top Five Benefits of Access Control Systems 

Maintaining Site Security 

One of the primary benefits of access control systems is their ability to provide advanced user-level access control.  

Unlike traditional keys, which offer a one-size-fits-all approach, access control systems allow you to customize access permissions for each individual. This means that you can grant or restrict access to specific areas of your premises based on an individual’s role or clearance level. 

We don’t need to tell you how this feature can be crucial for your business premises’ safety.  

It only lets authorized personnel enter sensitive areas across the workplace such as the server room where important data is stored or processed. They can also be installed in restricted office spaces. Besides, these systems keep a record of every entry and exit, providing an important security trail.  

The point is here that your highly sensitive areas require protection beyond traditional locks and keys—which only can be achieved with access control systems by Locksmith Phoenix Arizona. .  

Preventing Key Duplication 

Traditional keys have a major drawback – they are easily duplicated. When you hand out physical keys to your employees or contractors, you can never be entirely sure how many unauthorized copies might be floating around. This creates a significant security risk. 

In contrast, electronic access control databases offer a more secure solution. If a key card or access credential is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, it can be immediately deactivated or removed from the database. This means that unauthorized individuals will no longer have access, reducing the risk of security breaches. 

Additionally, electronic keys are far more challenging to duplicate compared to physical keys. This provides an extra layer of security that is essential in today’s world, where unauthorized key duplication can lead to serious security vulnerabilities. 

Electronic Logs for Review 

As we said, access control systems maintain detailed electronic logs of every entry and exit. This feature proves invaluable when it comes to reviewing activities on your premises. Whether you need to investigate incidents, track response times, or monitor employee movements, these logs provide a clear and comprehensive record. 

For instance, in the event of a security breach, you can easily trace the entry points and times, helping law enforcement agencies or your security team to swiftly respond and address the issue. This electronic record-keeping also assists in ensuring that your security protocols are being followed and that your premises are secure at all times. 

Remote Access Authorization 

Imagine a scenario where an employee forgets their key or access card, or when you need to grant temporary access to a contractor who is not physically present. Access control systems offer a practical solution in the form of remote access authorization. 

With these systems, you can grant access to individuals in real time from a remote location. This ensures that even if someone forgets their key or needs immediate access due to unforeseen circumstances, you can facilitate it without compromising security. This level of flexibility is invaluable for businesses with frequently changing access requirements. 

Seamless Integration 

A well-designed access control system should seamlessly integrate with your existing alarm monitoring system. This integration simplifies access management and reduces costs associated with operating a separate system. By having access control and alarm monitoring work in tandem, you can create a comprehensive security solution that offers a holistic approach to protecting your premises.  

The integration with your existing alarm system enables you to manage access from a central location, streamlining security operations and improving overall efficiency. It also allows you to receive real-time alerts and notifications, further enhancing your ability to respond swiftly to security incidents. 

The Conclusion: 

Safeguarding your business’s assets and ensuring the security of your remote sites is paramount in today’s environment.  

Access control systems provide the necessary tools and technologies to protect your profits and reduce the risk of unauthorized access or tampering. With the right system in place, you can remotely manage access, maintain electronic logs, and seamlessly integrate with your existing monitoring systems. Don’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality access control system to fortify your business’s security and protect your mission-critical assets. 

If you are looking for quality access control locksmiths in Arizona, look no further than AZ Locksmith. Backed by experience, expertise, and technology, we offer tailored solutions to businesses looking for access control installation and maintenance services.  

 Everything You Need To Know About Safecracking

 Everything You Need To Know About Safecracking

Safe cracking means to open the safe when you don’t have the right key or code.Though it may sound malicious (sound like breaking into a safe), it proves useful when you lose a key or code.There are different ways to do it, depending on how the safe is made. If you want to know more about locksmithing, here are some ways locksmiths open safes nowadays.

(NOTE: The information in this blog is for educational purposes only. Don’t imply it unless you are a professional safe locksmith. Call a safe locksmith to address all concerns related to your safe locks.)


You’ve probably seen safe cracking scenes in Hollywood movies, where someone effortlessly retrieves a safe’s combination without causing any damage.

It might seem like a straightforward process, but in reality, it’s a skill that takes years to learn and perfect. Best part? It doesn’t involve complex tools.

This technique is called lock manipulation, and it’s typically used on Group 2 safe locks.

However, it can also work on Group 1 locks. To crack the safe, locksmiths carefully manipulate the lock, following specific steps to figure out each number in the combination.

They pay close attention to any imperfections they find inside the lock and use their skills to work around them, ultimately figuring out the correct combination. With the right lock manipulation technique, locksmiths can recover forgotten safe combinations and unlock the safe for you.

You can also try using an auto-safe dialer, which can be set up on a computer or as part of a manipulation robot. However, this method can take more than 24 hours to crack a safe, though recent advancements in lock bypass software and robotics have sped things up considerably. These devices can mimic the techniques of an experienced locksmith, relying on their sense of touch, sight, and hearing to make precise mechanical movements within the lock. The lock essentially “tells” them if they’re on the right track with each new number dialed.

If you’ve forgotten the combination to your safe, this manipulation method is a safe way to open it without causing any damage. But be aware that it can be a lengthy process, especially depending on the unique shapes of the lock’s wheels and the positions of the gates relative to those wheels. Professional locksmiths can also use advanced tools to manipulate combination locks more quickly and efficiently.


Sometimes, cracking a safe can be as simple as making guesses about the right combination. Many safe manufacturers provide a list of try-out combinations that locksmiths or safe owners can use to attempt to open the safe. Often, people choose combinations that are easy for them to remember, like their birthdates or driver’s license numbers. These are some of the first combinations that can be tested when trying to unlock a safe.

Tackling Tough Safes: Drilling Methods

Cracking open a complex safe can be a real challenge when guesswork or manipulation won’t do the trick.

In these situations, drilling and other physical techniques come into play. But don’t think it’s as simple as grabbing a drill and going at it.

To successfully drill a safe, you need precise instructions provided by the safe manufacturer in their specifications. Each safe model has its unique blueprint or spec, something you’d hardly ever stumble upon unless you’re the manufacturer or an authorized locksmith.

Safe drilling isn’t just about cracking safes wide open. It’s also used to fix a broken lock or as a strategic way to unlock a safe when you’re locked out. The drill holes help the person attempting to open the safe get a good look at the combination lock. You will find that most drill points are located near the dial axis on the lock. However, a locksmith can choose to drill from the side, back, or top based on the situation.

The locksmith then works on manipulating the dial to align its gates in just the right way so that the fence can drop, and the bolt can be disarmed.

Now, most safes aren’t sitting ducks waiting to be drilled open.

They’re built to withstand drilling and cutting attempts with some serious reinforcements like steel and composite hard plates and chips. These elements are designed to destroy the cutting tips of drill bits.

So, you can’t just use any regular drill bit. It takes special diamond discs or drill bits made of tough stuff like tungsten carbide to get through. If the safe has composite hard plates, it’s even more of a challenge, and cracking it open will take even longer.

Cracking High-Tech Safes:

Some super-secure safes come with nifty features like thermal re-lockers and glass re-lockers.

These devices kick into action when the temperature inside the safe gets too high. It’s a clever way to stop crooks from using torches or thermal lances to force the safe open.

You see, tools like a safe plasma cutter or a thermal lance can heat up to a scorching 3,990 °F, which is way hotter than your run-of-the-mill oxyacetylene torch. And when you’re dealing with a safe, you’re dealing with metal, which these tools can slice through like butter.

Now, let’s talk about a couple of sneaky methods used by the not-so-nice folks in the world of safe-cracking.

One method is called “punching,” and it was first invented by a guy named Pavle Stanimirovi. It’s all about giving the safe a solid hit to try and break in quickly. Then there’s “peeling,” which is another unique way to crack a safe. Instead of going through the trouble of picking the lock, peeling involves stripping away the safe’s outer “skin” to gain access. So, when it comes to cracking safes, there’s more to it than meets the eye!

Wrapping Up….

Safe cracking on your own may be fascinating. But in reality, it is a complicated job and should only be left to the professional. So don’t feel encouraged by this blog to crack open the safe unless you are a pro. Instead, call our professional locksmith services for safe cracking.

The Many Services Offered by Modern Locksmiths

The Many Services Offered by Modern Locksmiths

Locksmiths have been an essential part of our lives for centuries, and their role has evolved with the changing times. Modern locksmiths offer a wide range of services beyond just cutting keys and fixing locks. In this blog, we’ll explore the seven categories of services provided by modern locksmiths. These services are crucial for ensuring the security and safety of our homes, vehicles, and businesses.

Auto Locksmith Services

Locksmiths specializing in automotive services offer a wide range of solutions to address key and security-related issues for your vehicle. In short, they are the locksmiths for your vehicle.

Whether you need a new key fob, programming for remote access, transponder key cutting and programming, or repairs for damaged ignition and door cylinders, locksmiths have the expertise and tools to assist you in ensuring the security and functionality of your car’s access and ignition systems.

Key Fob Duplication and Origination:

Locksmiths can make an exact copy of your existing key fob. This is helpful if you need a spare key or have lost your original key fob. In cases where you don’t have an existing key fob, locksmiths have the technology and expertise to create a new key fob from scratch, providing you with a convenient way to access your vehicle without using a traditional key.

Remote Fob Programming:

Modern vehicles often come equipped with keyless entry systems controlled by key fobs. If you get a new key fob or if your existing one stops working, locksmiths can program it to communicate with your vehicle’s security system. This ensures that the key fob works correctly, allowing you to lock and unlock your car remotely.

Transponder Key Cutting and Programming:

Many modern vehicles use transponder keys, which have a built-in electronic chip that communicates with the car’s immobilizer system for security purposes. Locksmiths can cut a new transponder key that matches the unique shape of your vehicle’s locks and ignition. The electronic chip in a transponder key needs to be programmed to work with your specific car. Locksmiths have the tools and knowledge to program the transponder key so that it can start your vehicle.

Ignition and Door Cylinder Repair:

The ignition cylinder is the part of your car’s ignition system where you insert the key to start the engine. If it becomes damaged or if you need to use a new key with your car, locksmiths can repair or replace it. The door cylinder refers to the locks on your car doors. Locksmiths can repair or replace these locks if they are damaged, worn out, or if you need to match them to a new key.

Sometimes, if you have lost all your car keys, locksmiths can create new keys that match both the ignition and door cylinders, ensuring that you regain access to your vehicle.

Residential Locksmith Services:

Home security is a top priority for everyone, and residential locksmiths offer various services to enhance it, including:

Rekeying: One of the primary services provided by residential locksmiths is rekeying. This process involves changing the internal components of your locks so that they can be operated with a new key. Rekeying is a cost-effective way to enhance security, especially if you’ve moved into a new home or need to restrict access to certain individuals. It ensures that only those with the new key can enter your property, providing peace of mind.

Replacing Damaged Hardware: Over time, locks may become damaged, worn out, or outdated, compromising the security of your home. Residential locksmiths can assess the condition of your locks and replace them with more robust and secure options. This not only improves security but also ensures the smooth operation of your doors, making it easier for you to access your home safely.

Adding Security Features: Beyond traditional lock and key solutions, locksmiths can implement additional security features to safeguard your home. This includes the installation of strike boxes, which reinforce doors and make them more resistant to forced entry attempts. Moreover, door guardians can be installed, providing an added layer of protection by preventing small children from accessing potentially dangerous areas, such as the backyard or pool. These measures contribute to a safer and more secure living environment for your family.

Commercial Locksmith Services:

Businesses need robust security systems to protect their assets and employees. Commercial locksmiths provide services such as:Installation of Hardware: This includes installing door closers, panic bars, and other security hardware.

High Security Key Systems: For commercial properties, locksmiths offer high-security key systems to prevent unauthorized access.

Access Control: Modern access control systems, like badge readers and fingerprint scanners, can be installed by locksmiths to enhance security.

CCTV Camera Systems: Locksmiths can set up surveillance camera systems for businesses, allowing remote monitoring and recording.

Safe Services: Safes are essential for safeguarding valuables. Locksmiths offer a range of safe-related services:

Emergency Services:

Emergencies can strike at any time, and locksmiths are ready to help in critical situations:

Lockouts: Whether you’re locked out of your car, home, or business, locksmiths can quickly come to your rescue.

Property Management Assistance: Property management companies can rely on locksmiths to assist with tenant lockouts.


Modern locksmiths offer a diverse range of services to meet the security needs of individuals and businesses. From automotive services to access control and emergency assistance, locksmiths play a crucial role in keeping our lives secure. It’s important to choose a locksmith that offers the specific services you need to ensure your safety and peace of mind. As technology continues to advance, locksmiths will likely expand their offerings even further to meet the evolving security needs of the modern world.

AZ Locksmith is your one-stop solution for all the locksmith services discussed in this blog. Our locksmith team brings not only expertise but also 20 years of experience to the table, ensuring you receive top-notch assistance. We pride ourselves on our friendly and skilled staff who excel in handling emergency lockout situations with precision and professionalism.

Our assistance is available round the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With AZ Locksmith, you can rest assured that help is just a call away, ensuring you never have to face a lockout situation alone. Contact us now!



13 Effective Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars While You’re Away

13 Effective Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars While You’re Away

According to a recent report by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, burglaries constitute a significant portion of crimes that occurred in Arizona this year, accounting for 6.3% of total crimes in the state in 2023.

With over 7,000 reported burglary cases so far this year, it’s essential to consider methods to safeguard your home, especially when you’re away.

While not everyone can afford an expensive security system, there are simple yet effective strategies that can turn your home into a fortress and deter potential thieves from targeting your property. In this article, we’ll explore twelve practical ways to ensure your home’s safety while you’re away.

Hide Valuables During Home Services:

Whenever strangers, such as repairmen or plumbers, are in your home, take precautions to hide valuable belongings. While most workers are trustworthy, it’s better to be cautious. Keep cash, jewelry, and electronics out of sight to prevent any temptation.

Silence Your Phone:

Clever burglars might call your landline and listen for an answer to determine if anyone is home. Muting or lowering the phone’s volume can confuse potential intruders, making them uncertain about the home’s occupancy.

Install Reliable Locks:

Front door security is crucial, as around 34% of burglaries involve entry through the front door. Invest in a Grade 1 or Grade 2 heavy-duty deadbolt lock, known for its reliability. Avoid labeling your keys and consider a smart lock controlled via smartphone for added convenience and security.

With remote monitoring and the ability to grant access digitally, smart locks provide peace of mind, making your home less susceptible to break-ins. Secure your sanctuary with these comprehensive measures.

One more thing, get your door locks serviced regularly.

Regular lock servicing is an often overlooked but crucial aspect of home security, particularly in preventing burglary. While many homeowners may assume that their locks are secure and in good working condition, the reality is that locks can degrade over time due to wear and tear, exposure to the elements, and even attempted break-ins.

You can call any Phoenix locksmith to get lock installation and lock repairs done.

Secure Your Windows:

Approximately 23% of burglars in the US enter through first-floor windows. Installing grills or reinforcing windows with security film, screens, or shatterproof glass can deter potential intruders.

Maintain Your Property:

Maintaining your property is a pivotal step in safeguarding it from potential burglaries, especially when you’re away.

An unkempt appearance can signal that your home is unoccupied and an easy target. Regular upkeep, such as mowing the lawn, trimming shrubbery, and clearing pathways, creates the impression that someone is present, effectively deterring burglars. Strategic landscaping can also play a role—trimming shrubs near entrances eliminates potential hiding spots, making your property less appealing to intruders.

In winter, keeping paths clear prevents your home from appearing deserted. Equally vital is ensuring proper lighting around your property. Well-lit exteriors make it challenging for burglars to approach undetected.

Additionally, coordinating with neighbors for a cohesive effort can enhance security. When everyone maintains their properties, it sends a collective message that the community is vigilant against crime.

By consistently tending to your property’s appearance and collaborating with neighbors, you substantially reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted by burglars, contributing to a safer living environment overall.

Display “Protected Property” Signs:

Play on burglars’ fear of getting caught by placing signs indicating your property is protected. This simple yet effective strategy can make them think twice before attempting a break-in.

Dispose of Packaging Discreetly:

Discard packaging from expensive items discreetly. Breaking down boxes before disposal prevents potential burglars from being alerted to valuable new acquisitions.

When you acquire valuable items, be cautious when discarding their packaging. Burglars often scour neighborhoods for signs of new acquisitions. To prevent drawing unwanted attention, break down boxes and packaging before disposal. This simple step helps avoid showcasing your recent purchases and reduces the risk of burglary.

Pretend Someone Is Home:

When leaving your home, consider turning back and waving, creating the illusion that someone is still present. This can deter opportunistic burglars waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Check Your Locks:

Before entering your home, check your locks for any signs of tampering, such as scratches. This proactive approach allows you to respond quickly to any potential threats.

Allow Sunlight In:

When you’re away, avoid completely closing your curtains for extended periods. Sunlight entering your home gives the impression of occupancy, dissuading potential burglars.

Utilize Abrasive Foliage:

Planting prickly and abrasive plants like dog roses or Dewberries under windows and along fences can create a physical deterrent for burglars, making entry more challenging.

Be Cautious of Phone Calls:

Be cautious when sharing information over the phone with unfamiliar service companies. Burglars often pose as service providers to gather information about your property and routines. Avoid disclosing details that could aid potential break-ins.

Avoid Sharing Holiday Pictures on Social Media While on Vacation:

Refraining from posting social media pictures of your holidays is a fundamental measure to mitigate the risk of burglary.

While sharing vacation moments online has become commonplace, it also inadvertently broadcasts your absence from home. Burglars check out social media platforms for such cues, identifying vacant properties to exploit.

By resisting the urge to showcase your travels in real time, you safeguard your home from becoming an easy target. Instead, consider sharing your experiences after returning, ensuring that your posts don’t provide real-time information about your absence.

Prioritizing privacy settings is equally essential—limit your audience to trusted friends and family, preventing your vacation updates from falling into the wrong hands. Furthermore, consider disabling location tagging, which can disclose your exact whereabouts.

This way, you can minimize the risk of burglary incidents at your home.

The Conclusion:

In conclusion, safeguarding your home from burglaries is crucial, especially considering the alarming statistics. While not everyone can afford a high-tech security system, these twelve practical tips can significantly enhance your home’s security when you’re away.

By following these strategies, you can create a safer living environment and discourage potential intruders from targeting your property. Remember, even simple measures can go a long way in protecting your home and giving you peace of mind.

Locksmith Myths Debunked: Separating Fact From Fiction

Locksmith Myths Debunked: Separating Fact From Fiction

Whether you hire locksmith services in Phoenix or anywhere in the world, you’ve probably heard some tall tales about locksmiths over the years.

There are all kinds of myths and misconceptions floating around about what locksmiths can and can’t do.

As useful as locksmiths are, their job seems to invite a certain amount of mystery and intrigue. Before you call for emergency locksmith services in a panic or avoid calling one altogether due to some crazy myth you once heard, let’s clear up some of the most common locksmith myths once and for all.

Myth #1: Locksmiths Can Open Any Lock

There’s a common belief that locksmiths have some kind of magical ability to open any lock in seconds. The reality is, while locksmiths are highly skilled, some locks simply can’t be opened without the correct key or code.

Modern high-security locks, for example, use complex and encrypted locking mechanisms that are nearly impossible to pick or bypass.

Locksmiths would have to drill or cut these locks to gain access, which can be time-consuming and isn’t always possible without damaging the lock or mechanism. Some locks also have special anti-drill and anti-pick protections built-in to prevent just that.

  • High-security padlocks, for instance, often have reinforced shackles and cylinders to resist cutting and lockpicking.
  • Biometric locks that require a fingerprint or eye scan to unlock are very difficult to open without authorization.
  • Digital door locks with keypads or key fobs also can’t be opened without the correct code or device.

While locksmiths have a variety of tools and techniques for opening locks, there are definitely limits to their skills and certain locks will simply remain impenetrable without a key.

The point is here that you need a specialist locksmith to open a certain lock that is not a cup of tea for a routine locksmith.

Myth #2: Locksmith Services Are Expensive

You’ve probably heard the myth that locksmiths charge an arm and a leg for their services. The truth is, while some complex jobs can get pricey, most standard locksmith services are quite affordable.

Lockouts, for example, typically only cost between $50 to $200 depending on factors like the time of day or type of lock. Rekeying a lock usually runs from $50 to $200 as well, and duplicating a regular key is only around $5 to $10. Compare that to the hundreds of dollars it could cost to replace locks or do damage control after a break-in. The same rule applies to the locksmith services in Phoenix.

When it comes to installing new locks, you have options at multiple price points. Basic deadbolts start around $30 to $50. High-security locks with bump-proof features may be $100 to $300. Smart locks can range from $150 to $500 or more, depending on the brand and features. But in all these cases, the total cost also includes the locksmith’s service fee for installation, which is often around $50 to $200 per lockset.

Locksmith Myths

The bottom line is, while some advanced security solutions can be on the higher end of the cost spectrum, the majority of everyday locksmith services that homeowners need are quite budget-friendly, especially relative to the value they provide.

Myth #3: Locksmiths Only Deal With Locks And Keys

While locks and keys are certainly an integral part of a locksmith’s job, their skills and services extend far beyond that. Locksmiths are highly trained security professionals who can help with a variety of needs.

Locksmiths are also adept at installing and servicing mechanical and electronic security systems like:

  • Deadbolts
  • Peepholes
  • Security doors
  • Safes
  • Alarm systems

They can gain access to vehicles and homes in emergencies using non-destructive methods. Their knowledge of locks and security systems allows them to quickly bypass or disable systems when needed. Some locksmiths are also trained in areas like:

  • Key cutting
  • Lock picking
  • Safe opening
  • Security assessments
  • Emergency roadside assistance

We offer complete locksmith services in Phoenix for both business and homeowners.

Myth #4: You Need A License To Be A Locksmith

Many people assume that locksmiths need some kind of official license or certification to practice their trade. The truth is, in most places, locksmiths don’t need any specific license or credentials. While some locksmiths obtain voluntary certifications to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, these certifications are not legally required in most areas.

locksmith services Phoenix

A few states do have limited licensing requirements for locksmiths such as Alabama, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Virginia. Moreover, New York City; Nassau County, New York; Miami; and Hillsborough County, Florida; have their own licensing laws.

Myth #5: You Should Call The Police For Lockouts

It’s a common misconception that the police will come to unlock your door if you’re locked out. The truth is, the police consider lockouts a low-priority call and may not respond for hours, if at all. They do not have the proper tools or training to gain entry without causing damage.

Calling a locksmith is a much better solution. Locksmiths have the skills, experience, and equipment specifically designed for gaining access in lockout situations. They can get your door open quickly and without damage using techniques like lock picking or bypassing the lock. Some locksmiths offer emergency lockout services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get back inside right away no matter the time.

Myth busted! Call your locksmith for lockouts, not the cops.

Myth #6: Locksmiths Are Only Available During Business Hours

Emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. Contrary to popular belief, many locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services to assist individuals in urgent lock-related situations.

locksmith services in Phoenix

Whether you find yourself locked out of your home, car, or office in the middle of the night or require immediate lock repairs, professional locksmiths are often available to assist when you need it most.

Myth #7: Every Locksmith Offers Guarantees

Some locksmiths may not offer any guarantees or warranties for their services. This means that if something goes wrong after they have helped you, they may charge you again to fix the problem. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to do some research before choosing a locksmith.

A reputable locksmith will use high-quality products and materials when working on your locks. They will also offer a warranty for both their work and the materials they use. This means that if anything goes wrong within a certain period, they will fix it for free. For example, if they installed a new lock and it stops working properly within a year, they will come back and fix it without charging you again.

By choosing a locksmith who guarantees their work and offers warranties, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting good value for your money. It’s always a good idea to ask about warranties and guarantees before hiring a locksmith, so you can make an informed decision and avoid any unexpected costs later on.

The Conclusion

Locksmiths are highly trained professionals with years of experience, and they follow a strict code of ethics. The next time you need a locksmith, don’t hesitate to call one. You can rest assured that the majority of locksmiths out there are reputable, skilled, and ready to help you gain access safely and responsibly.

So go ahead and spread the word – help put those pesky locksmith myths to rest once and for all! The truth has been revealed.

And if you are looking for high quality locksmith services in Phoenix, call us now.

Unlocking The Mystery: Cost Breakdown Of Locksmith Services In Arizona

Unlocking The Mystery: Cost Breakdown Of Locksmith Services In Arizona

Getting locked out of your home or car can be a frustrating experience. It’s important to know that you can always count on locksmith services to come to your rescue and help you regain access to your property.

However, the cost of hiring a locksmith in Arizona may vary based on several factors such as location, time of day, type of service, and the complexity of the job.

We have come up with this guide to help you understand the cost breakdown of locksmith services as well as what to expect when you need the help of a locksmith.

Hourly Rates:

One of the main factors that determine the cost of locksmith services is hourly rates.

These rates vary depending on the locksmith company, the location, and the type of service required. For example, emergency services often have higher hourly rates than non-emergency services. On average, locksmiths in Arizona charge around $75 to $125 per hour for their services.

It’s essential to note that some locksmiths have a minimum hourly rate. This means that even if the service only takes 30 minutes to complete, the customer will still be charged for an hour’s work. Therefore, it’s always best to confirm the locksmith’s hourly rate and any minimum charges before hiring their services.

The experience and qualifications of the locksmith also affect the hourly rates. Highly qualified and experienced locksmiths may charge more for their services than those with lesser qualifications and experience. However, it’s always advisable to opt for an experienced and qualified locksmith, as they are more likely to deliver quality work.

In addition to hourly rates, some locksmiths may charge an additional service fee for the call-out. This is usually to cover the cost of transportation to the customer’s location. It’s also advisable to inquire about any service fees charged before hiring a locksmith.

Locksmith Services in Arizona

Understanding the hourly rates charged by locksmiths in Arizona can help customers budget accordingly and avoid being overcharged for services rendered. Always ensure that the locksmith provides an accurate quote before commencing work.

Service Fees:

This fee covers the cost of the locksmith’s time and transportation to and from your location. Service fees can vary depending on the locksmith and the area they service.

Typically, service fees for a locksmith in Arizona range from $50 to $100. However, some locksmiths may charge more if they need to travel long distances or work during off-hours. It’s important to ask about service fees before hiring a locksmith to avoid any surprises when you receive the bill.

One way to potentially save on service fees is to choose a locksmith that is located near your home or business. This can help to reduce the amount of time and transportation costs associated with the service.

It’s also important to note that some locksmiths may offer free or discounted service fees for emergency situations. If you find yourself locked out of your car or home outside of normal business hours, be sure to ask about any discounts or specials that may be available.

Type Of Service:

Basic Lockout Services:

The cost for lockout services can vary based on factors such as the type of lock, time of day, and location. On average, you can expect to pay between $60 and $150 for basic lockout services.

Lock Installation And Replacement:

Installing a basic deadbolt lock can range from $80 to $200, while installing a high-security electronic lock can cost between $200 and $500.

Key Duplication:

Key duplication services are commonly offered by locksmiths. The cost of key duplication depends on the type of key and the complexity of the duplication process. Basic key duplication for standard keys can range from $2 to $10 per key, while more specialized keys or electronic keys may cost between $50 and $150.

Cost Of Locksmith Services In Phoenix

Rekeying Services:

The cost of rekeying depends on the number of locks and can range from $15 to $50 per lock.

Additional Services And Factors:

Locksmiths may offer additional services such as safe installation, security system installation, and automotive key programming. The costs for these services vary widely based on the complexity of the job and the specific requirements.


In addition to hourly rates and service fees, materials are an important factor that contributes to the cost of locksmith services. Depending on the type of service you need, locksmiths may need to use a variety of materials, including locks, keys, and hardware.

When it comes to locks, the cost can vary widely depending on the type of lock and its level of security. Basic deadbolts and doorknobs are relatively inexpensive, while high-security locks can be much more expensive. Locksmiths may also need to purchase specialized tools or materials to complete certain jobs, which can add to the cost.

Keys are another important material that locksmiths need to use. In some cases, the locksmith may need to create new keys from scratch, which involves cutting the key and programming it to work with your specific lock. Key duplication is typically less expensive than creating a new key from scratch, but the cost can still vary depending on the type of key and the complexity of the job.

Finally, hardware such as door hinges and handles may also be needed during the course of locksmith services. These materials can vary in cost depending on the quality and level of security needed.

Arizona Locksmith Services

To keep costs under control, it’s important to work with a reputable locksmith who uses high-quality materials but also offers fair pricing. It’s always a good idea to ask about available discounts before agreeing to any work.


While it’s important to consider the various costs that go into locksmith services in Arizona, it’s also worth noting that many locksmiths offer discounts for certain services or situations. For example, if you’re a student or senior citizen, you may be eligible for a discounted rate. Additionally, some locksmiths offer discounts for emergency services or for multiple services performed in a single visit.

It’s always a good idea to ask your locksmith if they offer any discounts, as this can help you save money on your locksmith services. However, it’s important to remember that not all locksmiths offer discounts, and that you should never compromise on the quality of the service just to save a few bucks. Always choose a reputable locksmith who can provide you with high-quality services at a fair price.

The Conclusion:

When hiring a locksmith in Arizona, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the potential costs involved. The cost breakdown provided in this blog will give you a general idea of what to expect when seeking locksmith services. Keep in mind that prices may vary among locksmiths, so it’s always a good idea to request estimates from multiple providers and compare their offerings. By doing so, you can make an informed decision while ensuring the security and convenience of your home, business, or vehicle.

At Arizona Locksmith, we have competitive and transparent rates set for your services. We understand the importance of fair pricing and strive to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their locksmith needs.

With us, you can trust that the rates we quote are honest and upfront, without any hidden fees or surprises. Our dedication to transparency and affordability sets us apart, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are receiving top-quality service at a fair and reasonable price.

Unlocking Phoenix: 10 Ways To Find A Great Locksmith Service

Unlocking Phoenix: 10 Ways To Find A Great Locksmith Service

Whether you’re locked out of your home or vehicle in Phoenix, AZ, the first thought on your mind is likely to be, “How am I going to find a reliable locksmith?”

To help you out, we’ve come up with this brief guide to find a great locksmith service in Phoenix.

From researching online reviews to asking friends and family, this guide will help you find the best locksmith for your situation. Let’s delve into details.

1) Do Your Research

When it comes to finding a trustworthy and reliable locksmith service in Phoenix, the first step is to do your research. Don’t just settle for the first locksmith you find online or in the phone book. Take some time to research the different locksmiths in your area and compare their services and prices.

Check their website and read up on their services and testimonials from satisfied customers. Look for locksmiths with positive online reviews and a strong reputation in the community. By doing your research, you’ll be able to find the best locksmith service to meet your needs and protect your home or business.

2) Check The Better Business Bureau

Another way to ensure that you’re getting the best locksmith services in Phoenix is to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB is an organization that rates businesses based on their reliability and customer service.

You can search for locksmiths in Phoenix on the BBB website and see their rating and any complaints that have been filed against them. If a locksmith has a good rating and few complaints, it’s a good sign that they provide quality service.

locksmith in Phoenix

On the other hand, if a locksmith has a poor rating or many complaints, it’s best to look for another service provider. Always take the time to check the BBB before hiring a locksmith.

3) Ask Around

Word of mouth is often one of the best ways to find a reliable locksmith in Phoenix. Ask your family, friends, or co-workers if they have had a positive experience with a local locksmith. They may be able to provide valuable insight into the quality of service and pricing. Additionally, check with any home or car insurance providers you have, as they may be able to recommend a trusted locksmith.

When asking around, make sure to ask about the overall experience, how quickly the locksmith responded, and whether the price was reasonable. Taking the time to ask around can help ensure you find a locksmith you can trust.

4) Look For Online Reviews

Many websites like Yelp and Google My Business allow customers to leave feedback on their experiences with local businesses.

Take the time to read through both positive and negative reviews to get a sense of the quality of work provided by the locksmith service. Look for trends in the reviews, such as consistently positive customer service or recurring complaints about pricing.

Reading online reviews can help you make a more informed decision when choosing a locksmith service in Phoenix.

5) Get Multiple Quotes

Contact a few different companies and ask for a quote on the services you need. Be sure to ask for a breakdown of the costs, including any additional fees or charges.

locksmith service in Phoenix

Compare the quotes and choose the one that offers the best value for your money. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice, so consider the company’s reputation, experience, and availability before making a final decision.

By getting multiple quotes, you can ensure that you’re getting a fair price for quality service.

6) Make Sure They’re Licensed And Insured

Before hiring a locksmith service, it’s important to make sure that they’re licensed and insured. A licensed locksmith has been certified and undergone proper training, ensuring that they possess the skills necessary to do the job properly.

Insurance is also important as it protects you against any damages that may occur during the service. An insured locksmith is responsible for any damages they cause while working on your locks, which gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t be held liable.

Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of their license and insurance, and make sure to verify them with the relevant authorities.

7) Ask About Their Experience

When it comes to hiring a locksmith, experience matters. Ask the locksmith how long they’ve been in business and what types of locks and security systems they’re familiar with. Do they have experience with residential, commercial, or automotive locks?

best locksmith service in Phoenix

Have they encountered any tricky situations in the past and how did they handle them? A locksmith with a wealth of experience will be able to diagnose problems quickly and come up with the best solutions for your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or examples of their work to gauge their level of expertise.

8) See If They Offer A Warranty

A warranty ensures that you have protection in case any issues arise after the job is completed. It’s important to ask what the warranty covers and for how long. A reputable locksmith should stand behind their work and offer a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

Keep in mind that a warranty may vary depending on the type of service performed, so make sure to ask specific questions about what is covered. A warranty provides peace of mind and ensures that your locks are secure for a long time.

9) Get It In Writing

It’s essential to ensure that any agreement between you and your locksmith is documented. This way, you will have a record of what was agreed upon in case anything goes wrong.

Make sure you get all the details in writing, such as the price, the services provided, and any warranties offered. If the locksmith is hesitant to provide a written agreement, it may be best to move on and find someone else. Remember that verbal agreements are not as binding as written ones, so don’t take any chances.

A written contract gives you peace of mind and a reference point should you need to revisit the agreement later on.

10) Check Out Their Website

In this digital age, most locksmith companies have websites that showcase their services, prices, and even their credentials.

Checking out their website is a great way to learn more about their business and gauge their professionalism. A well-designed website with a clear layout and informative content is a good sign that the locksmith company takes their business seriously. Look for their contact information, such as their phone number and email address, and their business hours.

Additionally, a website can provide insights into their areas of specialization, including emergency services, residential locksmithing, or commercial locksmithing. Finally, check out customer testimonials or reviews, as they provide valuable insight into the locksmith’s quality of service.

The Bottom Line

Finding a reliable locksmith service in Phoenix is essential for ensuring your safety and security. Don’t rush into hiring the first locksmith you come across, take your time to research and choose wisely. Look for credentials like licenses, insurance, and warranties, and read online reviews to get an idea of the quality of their work.

By following these tips and doing your due diligence, you can find a locksmith in Phoenix that you can trust and rely on for all your lock and key needs.

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Is A License Required To Become A Locksmith In Arizona?

Is A License Required To Become A Locksmith In Arizona?

Locksmiths are professionals who help people with lock-related issues. They are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining locks and security systems.

If you are looking for locksmith services in Arizona, you may be wondering if they need a license to practice their profession. Read on to find your answer.


You must have read it is important for a professional to be licensed. You must have read that locksmiths are required to be licensed in many states, especially while going through the tips to find the locksmith on the Internet.

So it boils down to one important question–is a license required to become a locksmith in Arizona? After all, a licensed locksmith is regulated by the state, ensuring peace of mind and reliability.

One DOESN’T NEED A LICENSE TO BECOME A LOCKSMITH IN ARIZONA. The locksmith industry is not regulated in Arizona.

However, it’s essential to note that just because there are no licensing requirements doesn’t mean you can start operating as a locksmith without proper training and experience.

Without any regulations, the locksmith industry in Arizona is highly competitive, and one needs to be able to distinguish themselves from others in the industry. While they don’t need any formal qualifications to start working as a locksmith in Arizona, it’s still highly recommended that they undergo some form of training to learn the skills necessary to perform their job effectively.

Locksmith In Arizona

Additionally, having some form of certification can help them stand out from the competition and gain the trust of potential clients. Many locksmith associations offer certification programs that can help gain recognition and show that you are committed to your profession.

It’s still important to be aware of any changes to the law. The locksmith industry is always evolving, and there is no guarantee that the state won’t introduce licensing requirements in the future. It’s essential to stay informed and up-to-date on any changes to the law that may affect your profession.


Although one doesn’t need to be licensed to become a locksmith in Arizona, many factors determine the efficiency and quality of a locksmith.


Here are some steps one needs to follow to become a successful locksmith in Arizona.

Step 1: Locksmith Training

You should first find a local locksmith school in your city or nearby areas. You can check the local phone directories, yellow pages, and online directories for locksmith training courses. If you cannot find any locksmith training program in Arizona, expand your search to include other states. Several reputed locksmith schools in the US provide online courses that you can enroll in to get formal training in the locksmith trade.

Locksmith certificate and diploma courses are available through community colleges, vocational schools, and locksmith trade associations. As an alternative to locksmith training, an aspiring locksmith can also work as an apprentice under an experienced locksmith. Even if you learn the trade as an apprentice, you should consider obtaining locksmith certification from recognized entities.

Step 2: Get Employed as a Locksmith (or Apprentice)

Once you have completed a locksmith training course, you should seek employment with reputed local locksmith companies and also with the maintenance departments of local businesses and organizations in Arizona. With certification to back your knowledge of the trade, it shouldn’t be difficult to get hired as a beginner locksmith in Arizona. If you fail to find a locksmith technician job, you should look for an apprenticeship under an experienced locksmith to gain real hands-on experience.

locksmith services in Arizona

Aspiring locksmiths can contact local locksmith businesses for apprenticeship positions. Apprenticeships are generally unpaid or with stipends, but provide you with the technical, legal, and business aspects of the locksmith trade. Though Arizona does not require any licensing for locksmiths at the time of writing this article, you are advised to verify the current legal requirements and formalities.

Step 3: Start Your Own Locksmith Business

If you are entrepreneurial, you can easily start your own locksmith business in Arizona. You can have your storefront lock shop or operate as a mobile locksmith, with a van fitted with equipment and spares as your workplace.

Many local locksmith businesses in Arizona will have both, a lock shop and a locksmith van for mobile services. If you are short on the investment front, you should start working as a mobile locksmith by converting your existing car into your workshop.

STEP 4: Get Insurance

General liability insurance is often a requirement for obtaining business licenses. Even if your state/county does not mandate any insurance, you should obtain adequate insurance coverage to protect your business. Work gone wrong can attract hefty payments for damages. Insurance will ensure that you don’t go bust.


When it comes to hiring a locksmith in Arizona, it’s important to keep in mind that the state doesn’t require locksmiths to be licensed. This means that anyone can claim to be a locksmith and offer their services without any formal training or certification. While this may seem like a good thing for customers as they have a wide range of options, it can also be a challenge to find a reliable and efficient locksmith.

So, how can you ensure that you are hiring the right locksmith for your needs? Here are some factors that you should consider:


The first and most important factor to consider is the locksmith’s reputation. Look for locksmiths who have a good reputation in the community and have positive reviews from previous customers. Check online reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews, or Angie’s List to see what other customers have to say about their experiences with the locksmith.


Experience is also a critical factor when it comes to locksmiths. Look for locksmiths who have been in the industry for several years and have a track record of delivering quality services. Experienced locksmiths are likely to have the skills and knowledge needed to handle different types of locks and security systems.

locksmith services in Phoenix

Services offered:

Before hiring a locksmith, make sure they offer the services you need. Some locksmiths specialize in residential locks, while others focus on commercial or automotive locks. Look for a locksmith who offers the services you require, whether it’s installing new locks, repairing old ones, or rekeying your locks.


Emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s important to find a locksmith who is available 24/7. Make sure the locksmith you hire can provide emergency services and is available when you need them.


Finally, consider the cost of the locksmith’s services. While it’s important to find a locksmith who offers quality services, you also want to make sure you’re not overpaying for them. Get quotes from different locksmiths and compare their prices to find one that fits your budget.

In conclusion, while it’s true that locksmiths in Arizona don’t require a license, it’s important to do your due diligence when hiring one. Look for locksmiths with a good reputation, experience, a range of services, availability, and reasonable prices. By considering these factors, you can ensure that you find a reliable and efficient locksmith to meet your needs.

Ultimate Guide to Storm Door Lock, Latch and Handle Replacement

Ultimate Guide to Storm Door Lock, Latch and Handle Replacement

Ultimate Guide to Storm Door Lock, Latch and Handle Replacement

Having a broken or malfunctioning storm door lock can be a hassle, especially when you have to enter and exit your home multiple times a day. If you’re in need of a storm door lock replacement, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide an ultimate guide to replacing a storm door lock. We’ll explain the necessary steps and materials you’ll need for the job, as well as discuss the different types of locks and how to select the best one for your needs. By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert on storm door lock replacement and be ready to get the job done!

Replacing the Latch

Replacing the latch on your storm door is a simple process that can be done with just a few tools and a bit of know-how.

The first step is to locate the latch. Most latches are located on the lower half of the door, but depending on the model, they may be placed higher up. Once you’ve located it, you’ll need to remove the screws or bolts holding it in place.

Once the latch has been removed, you’ll need to inspect it for any signs of damage or wear. If the latch is in good condition, simply reinstall it using the screws or bolts you removed. If it’s damaged or worn, you’ll need to purchase a new latch and install it in its place.

Before installing the new latch, check that it’s compatible with the door and make sure that all of the parts are included. Place the latch in its proper position and tighten the screws or bolts securely.

Test the latch to make sure it works properly before securing it in place. With a few simple steps, you can have your storm door latch replaced and ready to use!

Replacing the Lock

If the lock on your storm door is broken, you may need to replace it. Replacing the lock on your storm door is an easy job that anyone with basic DIY skills can do. Here’s how to replace the lock on your storm door:

  • First, remove the screws that secure the strike plate to the door frame. Carefully remove the strike plate and set it aside.
  • Next, remove the screws that hold the lock in place and carefully remove the lock from the door. Take a close look at the existing lock to ensure you are purchasing the correct type and size of replacement lock.
  • When you have the replacement lock, slide it into place in the door. Secure the new lock with screws and replace the strike plate as well.
  • Finally, test the lock to make sure it functions correctly. If the lock does not work properly, adjust the screws or strike plate until it functions properly.

By following these steps, you will easily be able to replace the lock on your storm door. Be sure to check that all screws are securely tightened before testing the lock. If you have any questions about this process, consult a professional locksmith for further assistance.

Replacing the Handle

Replacing the handle on your storm door can be a tricky endeavor. Before you begin, be sure to have the right tools and materials handy. You’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver, new door handle, and new screws.

To replace the handle:

  • Start by using a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the two screws that secure the handle in place.
  • Remove the handle from the door.
  • Take the new handle and line it up with the pre-drilled holes in the door.
  • Secure it with the two screws you removed earlier. Make sure the handle is firmly in place before moving onto the next step.
  • Once you have the handle in place, test it out to make sure it works properly. If not, adjust the screws until it works properly.

And there you have it – your storm door now has a new handle. Replacing the handle is a relatively simple task, but make sure to take your time and follow all steps carefully to ensure that you get it right the first time.

Make Sure to Call a Professional Locksmith If DIY Things Don’t Work

Replacing a storm door lock can be tricky and it’s important to make sure that the job is done correctly and safely. If you feel that the process is beyond your capabilities or if the replacement parts seem complicated, then it is advisable to contact a professional locksmith for assistance.

A locksmith will have the experience and expertise needed to make sure that your storm door lock is properly replaced.

They can also provide helpful advice on different types of locks and how to ensure that your home is safe and secure. At AZ Locksmith, we offer professional locksmith services that are available 24*7.

Our team of experienced and certified locksmiths is equipped with the latest tools and technology to solve any type of lock problem quickly and efficiently. From traditional lock installation to complex digital lock systems, our technicians can handle any job.

Security For Interior Doors – How to Choose The Best Door Locks

Security For Interior Doors – How to Choose The Best Door Locks

Security For Interior Doors – How to Choose The Best Door Locks

Internal doors are among the best options if you’re considering setting up home security measures. However, you’ll want to ensure you choose the ideal ones for your particular needs.

Unlike exterior doors, which need a deadbolt and other hardware to lock them, interior doors can be secured with standard door knobs or levers. These are best for rooms that are rarely used, such as bedrooms.


When choosing inside door locks, consider the safety needs of your home. The security offered by deadbolts can be invaluable in keeping unwanted intruders out, allowing you to keep your children indoors and pets locked up safely without exposing them to potential harm.

Locks made of solid steel, bronze or brass provide the best protection against break-ins and other intruders. They’re also pick-resistant and bump proof so they can deter thieves who use crowbars, hammers or other tools to pry open doors.

Most residential deadbolts are available in single-cylinder and double-cylinder styles. A single-cylinder lock requires a key on only one side, while a double-cylinder lock requires a key to unlock both sides of the bolt.


There are a number of different ways to secure your interior doors. One of the most popular is through a doorknob or lever that operates an internal latch and locks the door from inside.

Knobs are available in many styles, finishes, and sizes to suit your home’s aesthetic and functional needs. They can also serve as a decorative feature that complements your room’s décor and furniture.

A knob can be a great way to add charm and elegance to your home while providing a sense of security for everyone who walks through your front doors. Choosing the right knob isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Door knobs come in various shapes and designs to complement any decorating style, including rustic, classic, and modern. Selecting the right color, finish, and style will help ensure your home’s interior doors are properly secured while adding beauty and convenience to your space.


When choosing inside door locks, it’s important to consider the function of your hardware. Interior door knobs and levers are available in passage, privacy and dummy functions, determining how the lock operates and where it’s used.

Handling is a key consideration, as some non-turning door levers and curved interior levers require a right or left-hand handle. Look for the hinges where you are standing if they’re on the right, you need a right handle; if they’re on the left, you need a left handle. Using lever handles is much easier than knobs, which require twisting and grasping motions. They’re also ideal for the elderly or those with dexterity issues. Depending on the design, some levers disengage the latch while others release it with a push-button or thumb turn.


Cylinders can be used to lock the inside of a door and are usually used with deadbolts and entry locks. They are typically available in various sizes and can be mounted independently from the deadbolt or integrated into the deadbolt of a mortise lock.

Single-cylinder locks are the most common type and allow you to secure the door from the outside with a key, but they do not need a key to lock or unlock the door from the inside. This is because they have a thumb-turn-style lever inside the lock.

Double-cylinder locks require a key inside and outside the door but are not as convenient as single cylinders. They also raise a safety issue in a fire, as the door can be locked outside while the occupants remain inside.


In conclusion, choosing the right lock for your interior doors is an important step in ensuring the security of your home or office. There are many types of locks to choose from, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. When selecting a lock, it is important to consider the level of security you require, the type of door you have, and your preferences.

If you are looking for assistance selecting and installing interior door locks, it may be helpful to seek a reputable locksmith in your area. A professional locksmith can provide expert advice on the best types of locks for your needs and install and maintain them for optimal security. Be sure to research and choose a locksmith with a good reputation and plenty of experience in the field.

Contact AZ locksmith today, for the best services and advice.

Tips for Picking the Interior Door Locks for Your Home

Tips for Picking the Interior Door Locks for Your Home

Lock it Up! Expert Tips for Picking the Interior Door Locks for Your Home

Choosing the right interior door locks for your home is an important decision that can keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Interior door locks are available in a variety of designs and materials, making it difficult to decide which one is right for you.

To make the selection process easier, we’ve compiled a list of five tips for choosing the perfect interior door locks for your home.


When it comes to choosing interior door locks, the first thing you need to consider is the level of security you need.

Different locks offer varying levels of security, so you need to figure out which option is right for you and your home. Do you live in a high-crime area or do you just want a little extra peace of mind? Different locks have different locking mechanisms, such as deadbolts, spring-latch locks, or keyless entry locks. Consider which is best for you. Additionally, you should research the security rating of each lock you are considering.


Traditional locks are great for period homes such as Victorian or Georgian. There are also a range of more modern designs, such as levers and knobs that can match contemporary interiors.

If you have an older home, you might want to choose an antique lock for added authenticity. You’ll also need to think about whether the lock will match the other door handles and fixtures in the house.

If your interior décor is eclectic, you can easily mix and match different styles of locks to create an interesting look.

Look for locks with intricate patterns, gold or chrome finishes and ornamental handles. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find the perfect lock to fit the style of your home.


It’s important to pick locks that are easy to use. This can mean a few different things: how quickly you can open and close the lock, how user-friendly the lock is, and whether you’re able to quickly change the lock’s code or not.

For example, some locks come with built-in buttons that allow you to easily switch the combination code whenever you need to. This is a great option if you frequently have people coming in and out of your home, such as family members, neighbors, or houseguests.

When choosing an interior door lock, make sure it comes with directions and that you understand how to use it. If you don’t feel comfortable with the lock after reading the instructions, consider asking a professional locksmith to help you choose one. Additionally, you may want to test out the lock before buying it. This will ensure that you know exactly how the lock works and that it meets your needs.


Look for locks that are made with quality materials such as brass, steel or stainless steel and check that they have been properly tested and rated for security.

When it comes to the choice of locks, you often get what you pay for. More expensive locks may be more durable and secure than cheaper ones, so you may want to consider spending a bit extra if you want higher quality.

It’s also a good idea to look for locks that come with a warranty. This way, if anything goes wrong with the lock, you can get a replacement or repair without having to pay out of pocket.

Finally, don’t forget to maintain your locks regularly. Regularly cleaning and lubricating the mechanisms will help ensure that your locks stay in top condition and last for years.


If you’re unsure of which locks to choose for your home, it’s a good idea to get professional help. There are numerous locksmith services that specialize in providing advice on locks and security systems. Not only will they be able to advise you on the best types of locks for your particular situation, but they may also be able to provide installation services.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to door locks, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every home is different and has its own set of security needs. Therefore, it’s important to get advice from a professional locksmith or expert who can assess your individual situation and determine the best type of locks for you.

Professional locksmiths or security experts can also help you understand the different lock ratings and codes. This ensures that you choose the right level of security for your home.

In some cases, the experts may even be able to suggest additional features such as deadbolts, electronic locks, and automated locking systems. All of these are useful in providing added levels of security for your home.

Getting professional help can ensure that you select the perfect interior door locks for your home and that you get the most out of your investment. The experts will be able to provide advice on the best products for your home and budget, as well as guide you through the installation process if needed.


Choosing the right interior door locks is essential for your home security. Whether you are looking for a simple and affordable solution or something more robust, it’s important to make sure you choose the right locks for your needs. Take the time to consider your security needs, the style of your home, the durability of the locks, and how easy they are to use. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact a professional locksmith to get their expert advice.

What Are Locksmith Tips And Tricks?

What Are Locksmith Tips And Tricks?

An expert phoenix locksmith has the idea and determination to handle different situations with efficiency. The job is surely more than driving a pick inside the gap for opening the lock. They have the exact strategy and the instruments to handle the situation. Here are some of the best strategies that the Phoenix locksmiths use for delivering good assistance.

  1.                 Access the health of the lock

When you contact a locksmith in Scottsdale, they will visit the location and check the state of the lock first. The grubby locks are the ones that are harder to pick. Besides, the old and unused locks create great trouble for the locksmith. Generally, tumblers use pins of equal lengths to ensure that the lock won’t open without the right key. This greatly impacts the way the lock can be picked. Besides, the climate also can have a great impact. For instance, the spring has a fluctuating response. After considering all the factors, the locksmith you have hired will come up with the plan to help you out in the situation.

  1.                 Raking the lock to open it

Herein raking means the methods the phoenix locksmith use for checking the bolt. The locksmith might make use of grease in some instances to slide rake pick into the bolt. It is a pressure device that is used formally to fit the key. But the professional will out light tension before moving ahead to a complex technique. By putting some pressure, one can make the lock springs weak and open them easily.

  1.                 Cleaning

The locksmith in Scottsdale makes use of different techniques to deliver the right assistance. When the raking technique does not work, cleaning is yet another option. Scouring is used to push the pin and drive it back over the greater parts. The strategy allows the users to find which pin to set first again. The locksmith will put a light tension and then slowly increase when none of the pins work. He will continue applying pressure while holding the pick at variable areas to try different techniques to open the lock.

  1.                 Shaking

Generally, the unpractised locksmiths in Scottsdale find the shaking method the easiest. Simply jiggling can help get the desired results. The expert will set a stick in the lock and shake it forcefully. Once the locksmith feels the work is done, he will stop and begin with another step. Again he will use different levels of pressure to open the lock.

Contact good professional

There are multiple strategies Phoenix locksmith makes use of to deliver results. But given how complicated some instances can be, you must hire an expert who can fulfill your requirement well. Arizona Locksmith is the one you can trust to hire the best expert. We have experienced professionals who will reach the destination on time and provide good assistance. Our professionals will come up with the right plan and will offer fast results. So when the need for a phoenix locksmith arises, do not hesitate to contact us. For sure our services will be satisfactory for you.

Car Lockout Situations- How to Avoid?

Car Lockout Situations- How to Avoid?

While there are a number of things, one is concerned about while driving around in the car, but locking themselves outranks the worst scenario that can happen. Unless there is a spare key either with you or with someone, there is nothing you can do at the moment once you lock your car and realize you have left your keys in the ignition. Calling for a phoenix locksmith undoubtedly is the best thing you can do to get yourself out of the situation. But to avoid this situation, here are some tips you need to keep in mind when you are out driving. The tips can surely save you from the hassle and trouble of locking yourself out of your car.

  • Keep Your Keys in Hand 

The first thing to remember is to never exit your car leaving behind the keys. It is better to put them in your purse or your pocket, or you can have them in your hands while getting out.

However, people usually put them down somewhere and then forget about them. To avoid such situations, better keep your keys after removing them from the ignition in your hand or place them somewhere safe like your pocket.

  • Use the Fob to Lock the Doors 

The next best way to ensure you never face a lockout situation is to use the key fob for locking the door. It is easy and beneficial with the keys with a built-in locking mechanism. So, make sure that while you go out to lock or unlock your car, you only use the buttons on the key. By taking the safety measure, you can always ensure that you have your keys with you, and if you don’t, you cannot lock the vehicle door.

Tip- Before leaving your car, do a quick check to ensure that the car keys are in your hand or in your bag.

  • Replace the Old Batteries in the Fob 

In some cases, the key fobs might not work when unlocking the vehicle. In such cases, make sure to check the fob’s batteries to ensure they are not dead. In case they are, then it’s better to replace the battery, which can be purchased from any auto parts store. Moreover, if you’re facing some trouble with the fob, look for a locksmith near me and take their professional service to improve the working of the fob.

  • Have Spare Keys 

A good way to prevent such lockout situations from a vehicle is to have some spare keys handy. Depending upon the type of your key, you have to see how expensive it will be. For instance, a regular key without a fob can be made at any hardware store, or you can look for a phoenix locksmith. But for the keys with fobs, you have to visit your dealership or call for a reputable locksmith near me.

In addition to having spare keys, it is better to put them somewhere; you can easily get them. You can place your keys at places like-

  • Home in an easily accessible place that is either your kitchen or your bedroom
  • Your pocket or your purse to have easy access to them whenever the situation arises.
  • Another right place to hide your spare keys is somewhere on your vehicle using a magnetic box stuck in an unexpected place.
  • Have a Locksmith Contact Number

The final option is to have the contact of a phoenix locksmith in your phone book. This way, even if you get into lockout situations, you can receive help just with a phone call. Moreover, it is better to have the contact details of a 24/7 locksmith. This will help you get the services at any place at any time.

In addition to these tips, there are numerous ways you can avoid facing such lockout situations. But the tips mentioned above are the easiest and the quickest solution for lockout situations. However, the most beneficial one is having contact with a locksmith near me. This will ensure you receive help at the right time.

Trust a Professional for Quality Services

Arizona Locksmith, for years, has been the top choice of many residents. We have always ensured to offer quality services within the shortest possible time. All of our professionals are well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure the best help possible.

Trust out Professionals with your lockout Services and stay relaxed, knowing you will receive the help you deserve.

What to Do When You Have Locked Yourself Out of Home?

What to Do When You Have Locked Yourself Out of Home?

Whether you have faced a situation of being locked out or not, but you can surely imagine how it might feel standing in front of your home but can’t enter. The situation arises because you have either lost your keys or have misplaced it somewhere. So, what options do you have now?

No doubt, there are a number of things you can try, depending upon the urgency level or situation. But taking any step without considering its outcomes can ultimately create more problems for you. So, the best available option is to contact a locksmith-Scottsdale. Further, it will be better if you connect with a residential locksmith. In case you don’t have a contact, it is better to look online. Hiring a professional residential locksmith is far more the safest option. But in case you want to try some tricks, here are the options for you-

  • Look for Alternative Ways to Get Inside Your Home

Standing outside your house doing nothing will not solve your problem. Better check if there are any other entryways. Look for any door or windows that have been accidentally left open. In case you find any other way inside the house, then you are in luck. But if not, better try breaking the door lock yourself.

  • For Electronic Locks, Try Resetting it

Electronic locks are the latest technologies used by most homeowners as they are highly secure and reliable than the regular locking system. It is a good safety option by far, but when you forget the password, you can end up being locked out of the house. If you don’t have the password saved in your phone or elsewhere, it is better to call a locksmith-Scottsdale for help. They can reset your lock password and can help you come up with a new one. But remember to save this new password somewhere else.

  • Search for Spare Keys 

When you have been locked out of the house with no way to get in, what can be your next option? Use the spare keys. If you are lucky, you might have given your spare keys to any of your family members or friends. While if you live in a rented apartment and you have locked yourself out, you can simply call the homeowner asking for the spare keys. The landlord usually has spare keys to the property, and that can definitely save your time. In case you don’t find any spare key, then it is better to remember it for the next time.

  • Break a Deadbolt 

There are various other tools that can be used to get inside the house. Depending upon the lock structure and design, you can either use a Bobby pin, credit card, or bump keys to unlock a deadbolt door. It can be the fastest solution you can try.

What you need to know is to try the solution only when you know how to do it properly. Instead of rushing, it is better to understand the door lock’s nature and then do anything. Or else you can break the lock from the inside, which will make it even more challenging to open.

  • Call For a Residential Locksmith 

If you haven’t been so lucky enough to find any other alternative to get inside your home, call a locksmith-Scottsdale for help. In such an emergency, residential locksmith services can highly benefit you with lower cost and no damage to your property.

There are various locksmith companies who can help you rightly. Moreover, as the locksmiths are professional and have adequate knowledge, they can easily solve your problem.

One more thing to keep in mind is to never try solutions unless you are sure you have the required expertise to do them, or else you will create more problems for the locksmith. So, it is better to contact a locksmith-Scottsdale the first instance the situation occurs.

Connect with the Best Residential Locksmith for Fast Services

Arizona Locksmith has been known to offer quality yet affordable locksmith-Scottsdale services. Our technicians are skilled and licensed to perform even the most difficult locksmith services easily and quickly. Moreover, our 24/7 availability gives you one more reason to contact us in case of lockout situations.

We are just a call away, feel free to connect with us anytime.

Top 5 Lock Replacement Options a locksmith-Scottsdale can Offer

Top 5 Lock Replacement Options a locksmith-Scottsdale can Offer

Today there are numerous door lock replacement options available in the market. In fact, those replacement options can offer you a lot more convenience for ensuring the safety of your home. These locks are crucial to keeping your valuable safe without compromising on the safety of your loved ones. Just connect with a commercial locksmith and take his help in choosing the right lock replacement for your home.

Also, here are the top five variety of options which you can choose to replace your existing door lock. However, you must know your exact requirements as this will help you select the right replacement for your door without any compromises.

 Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Lock Replacement

  • Checking the Security Features

It is essential to be sure that a safety feature that a locking system is providing you is sufficient and in no way fails to breach the privacy or security of your family. The various types of lock replacement consist of knobs, motor, latches, etc. So, before buying a locking system, be sure that it provides a higher security grade to tackle thefts.

  • Knowing the Best Replacement Option

There is a range of door lock replacements available to solve your requirements, like smart lock deadbolts, padlocks, etc. All these types of locks offer varying security levels for the front door. Therefore, it is better to hire a commercial locksmith to get the best advice and installation of a locking system.

  • Considering the Cost and Maintenance

When it comes to choosing the best locking system for your door, you should also see that the available options fit your budget well. The different types of locks are available at different prices, as the mechanism of the system and reliability varies. Consider the reliability and maintenance before making a purchase.

Types of Lock Replacement

  • Cylindrical Locks

This locking system is the most traditional type of lock used for most of the doors. The cylindrical or padlock locking system comes with a key for unlocking. The lock used in this system is placed in the door and can be updated whenever required. You can get this locking system with both single cylinder or double cylinders. It is, therefore, a safe option for the front doors.

  • Mortis Handle Locks

This door locking system comes with a handpiece to conveniently open the door. Moreover, there is a deadlock and a handle, working simultaneously for locking or unlocking the mechanism. This makes the locking system a desirable option for the front door as they offer an added advantage of safety with their strong lock mechanism.

  • Entry Door Knobs

This locking system is a classic lock that offers the same level of security as the other locks. When it comes to design, the knobs of the lock can be either cylindrical or deadbolt for offering strong reliability.

  • Mechanical Deadbolt Locks

The deadbolt locks are considered to be a safer and durable option for the doors. Moreover, the locking system is entirely secure as it doesn’t have any spring for locking or unlocking. Both single and double cylindrical options are available. Thus can be used in the front door interior side too.

  • Smart Locks

This locking mechanism is controlled using these smartphones, electronic devices, or tablets. Moreover, they can also be controlled remotely without any physical presence in front of the lock. The top three types of smart electronic locks consist of-

  • Electronic Deadbolt Lock

This electronic deadbolt locking system is in trend as it uses mobile applications or other electronic modes for unlocking the door. The mechanism is similar to that of a deadbolt lock, but it needs a mobile application to authenticate the person trying to unlock the door for opening the locks.

  • Keypad Entry Lock

This keypad entry locking system requires a setup of pin code in the door lock through the use of a dedicated code mechanism present in the lock itself. The system does not accept any keys and entirely rely on code buttons for unlocking.

  • Fingerprint padlock

The padlock locking system is quite portable, but it can be used to lock the front door in some cases. As most people prefer to use padlocks, the fingerprint lock system offers them improved security levels from thieves. Moreover, it also offers a keyless advantage and does not involve any hassles of using a key for unlocking.

Get the Best Lock Replacement from Reputed Locksmiths

Knowing the right type of lock replacement can be quite challenging. Therefore, it is better to seek the assistance of a professional residential locksmith who can guide you rightly and choose the best locking system for your home. Arizona Locksmith is known to offer the best commercial locksmith services in Scottsdale. Our professionals have years of expertise in choosing and installing the right locking system for residential and commercial purposes. All of our services are highly affordable and available 24/7.

So, whenever the need for a lock replacement or installation arises, feel free to contact us.

Wondering How Locksmiths Can Help You Out? Let’s Explore It

Wondering How Locksmiths Can Help You Out? Let’s Explore It

Wondering How Locksmiths Can Help You Out? Let’s Explore It

Want to secure your family and property but don’t know how? Then this is the right place to get the answer you are seeking. Locksmiths can provide you with a sense of security. 

No matter in which circumstances you are struck, whether it be the case where you locked yourself out of the house or the point where you have to go on a business tour and have to leave your family behind you. If the locks are healthy, the sense of security will establish all by itself. 

Some of the most common things you might need from a locksmith include fixing a broken lock, key duplication, re-keying, etc. But these days, locksmiths can do far more than that. If you work with a professional locksmith, they may be able to recommend useful solutions that you might never have realized were options for your home or company.

Let’s look at what services you can take from locksmiths and how they can help you out?

1) Residential and automotive locks

Locking yourself out from the house or car is quite a common thing. In a hurry, humans tend to do these things, and at that time, the only locksmith has the solution for you. 

Locksmith has the experience and efficiency to unlock the locks without wasting time. They have all the necessary tools which can open any lock. 

2) Re-Keying 

They can change the entire lock at any door in your building. Also, you can call a locksmith for crucial replication of your car or home keys.

3) Installing a security system

If the current security system at your business or home triggers concerns, you can call a locksmith for installation, repair, or recommendation services. Most locksmiths are experts in building security these days, which is why they are also great at recommending the security systems that best suit your security needs. 

They can also install security systems and surveillance cameras. What else do you need?

4) Master keys 

Locksmiths nowadays are fully efficient to make master keys as well. A master key will help you to unlock every lock at your place with one single key. Whenever you are stuck with locks and keys, locksmiths got your back. 

5) Lock repair 

A skilled locksmith is capable of fixing your keys or locks without damaging your property’s door. So, locksmiths can help you out in every situation that is concerned with locks and keys.

Isn’t it great? How much a locksmith can do for you. So whenever you are stuck, instead of getting anxious and frustrated, give a call to a locksmith in Phoenix. They are just a call away from you. 

It is crucial to choose the right locksmith. No matter what, you get a great sense of security when you select a reliable locksmith. When you explore the market, you will come across many locksmiths. But, what you need to consider the most is given below:

Check the Reviews

When it comes to locksmith services, the quality matters, but how to find if the locksmith can provide good service or not? You can check online reviews of the services. Before choosing any locksmith, check the online reviews of the company. 

Check the cost 

Don’t ignore the cost. It is always important to think before spending your hard-earned money. So, compare the price of the services before choosing any services. 

Make sure to consider the tips mentioned above when choosing the locksmith. It will help you to make the right choice. To learn more, feel free to visit us.

Why It’s Important To Use Licensed Locksmith In Your Area?

Why It’s Important To Use Licensed Locksmith In Your Area?

Security is a priority, be it your home, your office, or your vehicle. You need to protect your life and property against theft and vandalism. The First step for your security begins by securing all the doors and windows, using a strong lock to keep the intruders at bay. The second step should be to secure all your cash and valuables in a safe to protect them if the first line of defense breaks. The new norm is to have a security system installed with surveillance features and an intruder alarm. This is to ensure that no unwanted person dares to enter your property. Loss of keys and forgetting safe combinations can be hassling and stressful. Also, there may be requirements for repairing locks, rekeying, and creating master key systems. No one would want a dodgy guy to come and work on their locks, so employing a licensed locksmith is advised.

Given below are the reasons why it’s important to use a licensed locksmith:-

Dependable and Trustworthy

An unknown person can tamper with your locks or make copies of your keys. This can lead to untoward events that can prove to be threatening for you, your family, and your property. That is why you need to make sure that the locksmith you engage in is authentic and principled. One way to judge this is to check for registration of that person and agency.

Trained and Proficient

To become a trained and certified locksmith, you need to take written and practical exams. This has to be supplemented by years of practice of the trade. So rest assured that a registered locksmith is an expert at his job.

Credible and Safe

A certified registered locksmith is specialized in his trade. By being registered, he has legal approval to work in this trade as a trained professional. This way, he is more credible and safe.

Quality assurance at work

Technology keeps on changing every day. One needs to maintain job standards by means of staying updated with the latest developments and trends in the field. Constant training and up-gradation of the technique and equipment accordingly are essential to avoid going obsolete. A licensed locksmith has to keep up his skill and quality of work and give more secure services to his customers.

Risk of damage insured

Only a licensed locksmith can get proper insurance benefits. Locksmith insurance helps ease the cost of additional expenses to customers. In case of some mistake or fault, the insurance company’s cost shall be absorbed, proving useful to both the customers and the locksmith.

The Right equipment saves time and effort

Licensed locksmiths use the correct tools and equipment, giving lasting work quality that is both time and cost-effective.

Arizona locksmith is one such example of certified and registered service providers in the Scottsdale area. They have been rated as best in the area, based on google, yelp, and reviews from other web sources. They provide 24 hours service to help their customers in case of emergency lockouts, critical loss, rekeying, and other issues.

So if the need arises, and you need a trustworthy and reliable locksmith, only go in for a licensed one. You can search for ‘licensed locksmith Scottsdale’ or ‘licensed locksmith near me’ for more information.

Top 3 Locksmiths in Phoenix AZ

Top 3 Locksmiths in Phoenix AZ

Top locksmiths in Phoenix

We have gathered a list of the top locksmiths in the Phoenix, AZ area.  Here are our top 3 picks for you!  Going with any of these will not let you down and you will be satisfied with your service.  Our rankings are based on Yelp, Google and other review sources from around the web.

1. Arizona Locksmith

Arizona Locksmith is a leading locksmith and security company in Phoenix, Arizona for over a decade. We are family owned and operated and have been the first choice many local residents call if they’re ever locked out of their home, business or car. Our team of professional locksmiths in Phoenix are confident we’ll get your job completed in no time. We have locksmith techs that are located throughout Maricopa County to quickly respond to calls in any city.

Arizona Locksmith has stellar Google and Yelp reviews and it shows that the company has a reputation as the best locksmith in the Phoenix AZ area!

“We had to call them late at night in a pinch. Ben was fantastic from both the customer service standpoint and the expertise one: quick to respond, friendly, and efficient. Would recommend highly.”

“Outstanding.  Tom went above and beyond. Locked myself out of my home office on a Sunday and while he was onsite took advantage of his expertise and changed 4 other locks on the property.”

2. Phoenix Locksmith on Call

Phoenix Locksmith on Call is a medium sized family owned and operated locksmith business in Phoenix Arizona. For the last 5 years we have been helping people just like you with all of their locksmith needs. We are dedicated to the Phoenix and valley area residents and always offer exceptional value for our locksmith services.

“CJ was a big help and was really nice! Great company with great service! Will definitely be calling them again if I need a locksmith!”

3. University Lock & Security

Complete home security system company and locksmith serving Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Peoria and Glendale Arizona. Trust us to install and monitor your commercial or residential alarm system. We can include security cameras, remote monitoring, key pad access and many other advanced home security features in your project. We are also available to replace locks on homes and apartments if your keys have been stolen or if you need to re-key doors on a rental property. At our offices in Tempe, we make all kinds of keys and also sell floor safes. Keys, cameras, safes, and alarm systems are all part of a comprehensive home security system.

Residential lock repair

Residential lock repair

Residential Lock Repair in Arizona

 Phoenix residential locksmith

Sadly, many people are familiar with the term “deferred maintenance”. They usually find out about it when they defer something long enough that it finally breaks on them at a very inconvenient moment and turns what was an annoyance into a serious problem. House keys can be like that. They work just fine for years, but gradually they wear down a little bit so you have to jiggle them in the lock when it’s cold, or hot, or just when you don’t insert the key exactly the way it likes to be inserted.

In any event, the day comes when jiggling doesn’t work at all anymore, and the dreaded reckoning with deferred maintenance lands in your lap. Even with keys in hand, you’re locked out of your own home– but how is that possible?

It’s possible because the lockset in your door has a number of small moving parts, particularly a series of small pins and springs that move when your key is inserted into the lock. Over time, dust and grease can build up to the point where these parts won’t move as they are supposed to. They can also wear down or break so they won’t move at all. They could even work perfectly but your old key has been used so

may times that it has worn down to the point of no longer being functional. In any case, your key doesn’t turn in the lock and you are going to require the services of a qualified residential lock repair technician to get things moving smoothly once again.

Now you might be wondering why you should fix your current cranky lockset rather than just buying a new one. The answer is actually quite simple. First off, you will need a locksmith to get your door open for you anyhow. Next, you would probably prefer paying to fix one lock or one key rather than paying to have all of the other door locks in your house replaced so that your one house key fits them all. Also, fixing one malfunctioning lock uses a lot less of the planet’s resources than buying several new sets– so you can save money and the planet at the same time.

As one the Valley’s premier residential lock repair specialists, we can get you into your home as fast as possible and at the lowest cost as well. We will arrive at your home with all of the tools needed to get you inside right away. In addition, we also stock our vans with a full assortment of everything else that might be needed in case your old lock is, in fact, irreparable. No matter what you may need to get everything working smoothly once again, or at what time of the day or night you might need us, we can make it happen for you.

So give Arizona Locksmith a call at  (602)344-9599 or Contact Us and we will dispatch one of our service vans to your address as soon as possible.

Common Auto Lock Problems And How To Fix Them

Common Auto Lock Problems And How To Fix Them

Common Auto Lock Problems

Car Lock Problems

A lot of people see auto bolts as a genuinely direct component and don’t hope to ever have any issues with them. Shockingly, this isn’t generally the case. Much the same as some other mechanical gadget, breakdowns can happen with an auto bolt. Settling these issues can be simple in the event that you know how to investigate regular issues.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty opening your auto locks, consider the climate. Chilly climate can influence locks to ice up, making them hard to open. A basic fix to this issue is a bolt de-icer, a straightforward and reasonable battery-controlled key that will liquefy the ice confining the development of your bolt. You can likewise ad lib a repair by warming your key with a match or cigarette lighter.

Locks that stick or are difficult to turn may require oil. WD-40 makes an incredible mechanical ointment and can help with difficult to-turn auto locks. Settling your auto locks with this technique is straightforward and genuinely reasonable. Grease can likewise help with rust issues that may emerge from your car being stopped in blustery or sticky regions for long stretches.

A standout amongst the most well-known auto bolt issues is having a key breaking in the bolt. As a rule, this will require the expulsion of your present bolt and the establishment of another auto bolt. Settling the issue is conceivable, in any case, if an adequate measure of the key stays outside the bolt you can deal with forceps. Before calling a professional locksmith, have a go at utilizing forceps to hold the broken segment of the key and expel it from the bolt. Be reasonable in your endeavor, and surrender the exertion in the event that it appears to probably harm the vehicle entryway.

Keyless Auto Lock Problems

Keyless section frameworks include another measurement of potential issues for the normal auto proprietor’s auto bolt. Settling issues with keyless passage frameworks take something beyond mechanical know-how. It additionally may require a recognition with gadgets. In case you’re experiencing difficulty with your keyless section framework’s key fob, the first and most clear activity checks the batteries. Dead batteries are the best motivation behind why key fobs for keyless passage frameworks neglect to work. In the event that you’ve seen that your locks are ease back to bolt and open when you hit the catch, its exceedingly likely your batteries are running down.

With only a little DIY information and exertion, numerous auto bolt issues can be settled by vehicle owners. Issues with more noteworthy levels of many-sided quality may require a more prominent level of expertise than the normal car owner can give, be that as it may.

On the off chance that your auto bolt inconvenience endures and these recommendations don’t mitigate the issue, calling a qualified locksmith might be vital. Finding a qualified locksmith can be a test, as there is little to go on when picking a locksmith from phone or Internet postings. If you need a professional locksmith and have no other options be sure to call AZ Locksmith or contact us for all of your needs!

The Future Of Keys And Car Security

The Future Of Keys And Car Security

The Future Of Keys And Car Security

Ah, 2017. Based off of the vision films like “Back to the Future” had for this decade, we should all be flying around in our cars and running around in hoverboard gangs. Unfortunately for us, we haven’t quite achieved the progress the visionaries of the eighties believed we would. However, there have still been major advancements in technology across the board, including improvements in the realm of keys and car security. One of the biggest innovators in this field is Tesla, the company trying to make the daily use of electric vehicles by the average American less of a novelty and more of a reality. Along with their innovative car designs, the company has developed a brand new system used by their vehicles for locking, unlocking, and protecting your car.

Tesla Key Designs

The new design implemented by Tesla completely eliminates the need for keyholes in the doors or even the car itself, helping to promote the security of the car by eliminating a few of the potential access points for car thieves to break in through. It also makes it a more convenient product for the consumer, eliminating the need for metal keys entirely and allowing them to operate remotely at all times when it comes to locking and unlocking doors and popping the trunk and hood of the car. 

AZ Locksmith is a leader in the industry and can do a mobile key fob programing for you meaning we will come to you, call us today!

Common Auto Lock Problems And How To Fix Them

How To Unlock A Car Door Without A Key

Unlocking a Car Door Without a Keycar unlock

We’ve all been there. That horrible, slow motion moment when your hand grasps your car door and begins to swing it shut, all while your brain is screaming at your arm “STOP! THE KEYS ARE INSI—” *click*. When you find yourself in this situation, don’t be too alarmed! There are a couple of methods that you can use to gain access to your car without having to call in a locksmith, ranging from the bizarre (ever heard of the tennis ball technique?) to the highly professional utilization of an inflatable wedge.

Right off the bat, let’s start with that tennis ball technique! Apparently, you can drill a small hole through a tennis ball, place that hole over the keyhole in your car, and squeeze, forcing the air out of the ball, into the keyhole, and opening the door. This technique has been met with a great deal of controversy, as it worked for some people and failed others, prompting the Mythbusters themselves to give it a whirl!

Next, we’ll move on to a more common technique using a metal coathanger. This technique is especially popular due to the ready availability of coat hangers, whether they’re bought from a nearby store or pulled from your own coat closet. Watch the video for more information.

Finally, the most heavy duty technique that won’t cause damage to your car requires a bit of forethought, as you’ll need to purchase an inflatable wedge. With this method, you slide a plastic wedge in between your door and the frame of the car to create space for the inflatable wedge, then slide in the deflated wedge and begin to inflate it, slowly creating a gap between the frame and door and allowing you to slip a coat hanger or similar tool through the door to open it up.

After giving all of these options a try and still not having any luck don’t forget to call your local Phoenix locksmith!

Can A Locksmith Program A Keyless Remote?

Can A Locksmith Program A Keyless Remote?

Key Fob Programming

It’s happened to all of us. You’re in a giant hurry to get to that meeting or rush those kids into their after school class, lock the car, and return later only to discover that, once again, you’ve locked your keys in your car. Unless we have a family member or friend nearby with a spare, we normally rely on the abilities of a locksmith to get us back into our vehicle. While locksmiths are excellent at this type of work, there are other tools in the locksmiths’ arsenal that they can utilize to help their clients. One such tool is the ability of the locksmith to program a new keyless remote for your car, allowing you easier access to your vehicle at all times (especially when loading up the groceries). All it takes is one short call to set up an appointment and you’re on your way!

While it’s within the wheelhouse of a locksmith to program keyless remotes, it’s also within the realm of possibility for any client to do it themselves. Depending on the year, make, and model of the car, it may be possible to program without the use of special tools. That being said, most newer model vehicles require a skilled technician using a diagnostic tool to reprogram the car’s computer, communicating with it through the ODM port and allowing the technician to make changes to the remotes, keys, and a number of other functions. If this should be the case, our skilled technicians would be delighted to assist you in the programming of your remote.

However, if you own an older model car, you may be able to make the modifications yourself. In order to check whether or not you are able to make these changes without the assistance of a locksmith, we recommend that you utilize www.programyourremote.com. This website will not only inform you as to whether or not you are able to program the remote yourself, it also contains the instructions and helpful tips on how to do so. Most of these remotes are available for purchase online, but be sure to purchase the remote from a reputable company and check that the FCC code imprinted on the back of your current remote and your new remote match.

It’s Easier to Hire a Professional Locksmith

It’s Easier to Hire a Professional Locksmith

Hiring a Professional Locksmith in Phoenix Arizona

Losing keys, locking ourselves out of our homes or cars are some of the things we never wish to happen. It, however, happens at times more than once leaving one really frustrated. In such an emergency, you might want to try breaking the door or picking the lock, but as a professional locksmith in Phoenix Arizona, we have seen DIY locksmithing go wrong far too many times.

It’s important to always hire a professional to do the job. Professional locksmiths do much more than letting you into your house or car. They understand the underlying challenges, complexities, and pre-requisites involved in different types of locks.

Here are more reasons why you should consider hiring a professional locksmith:


Reliable Service

Whenever you call for emergency locksmith services, professional locksmiths make it their business to respond quickly regardless of the hour. With reliable locksmiths, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be stuck with your car key troubles at isolated areas at odd hours. So, whenever you are locked out from your car, house or business, a professional locksmith gets you the help you need in the shortest time possible.

Improved Security

With crime on the rise, it is essential to have your locks assessed by a professional locksmith. They will do a security audit of your home and location and make recommendations designed to maximize your safety. If your premise has been broken into and a burglar has damaged your locks, the professional will carry out necessary repairs to make sure your property is secure.

Cost Control

To avoid the steep key replacement costs charged by car dealers, consider hiring a professional locksmith. Going to a dealer to get a new car key might require having your car towed to the dealership for them to create your new ignition keys. An auto locksmith will come to your location with the proper equipment to open cars quickly, without damaging them at reasonable prices. High-quality security systems by reputable locksmiths can also reduce the amounts of insurance policies you pay helping you save a lot in the long term.

Trained for Safety and Efficiency

Hiring a company with professional locksmiths will guarantee high-quality services as they are trained and skilled to handle any lock with maximum safety. Many of the emergency locksmith companies hire professionals that are certified and approved by regulators and industry bodies. Using non-professionals exposes you and them to various risks that range from injuries to accidents and poor quality outcome that may make your property or car more vulnerable.

Right tools and Components

Although some lock problems are easy to diagnose and repair, it is necessary to have the right tools and equipment to get the job done easily. A credible locksmith will be fully equipped with the latest appliances to ensure the work is done perfectly. They stay updated on the latest models and their unique security features and advice on what may be the best fit for your security needs and budget.

Warranty and Reputation

Professional locksmith companies are concerned about their reputation, as even the smallest incident could affect the way they are perceived by their existing and potential clients. They, therefore, strive to uphold the highest standards to maintain a good reputation. Besides that, they are willing to offer a warranty for their services which means you can hold them responsible in case the replacement becomes faulty.

Getting a quote for a Professional Locksmith in Phoenix Arizona

If you feel that any of these situations would pertain to you, then do not hesitate in contacting AZ-Locksmith today to set up an appointment for a professional locksmith in Phoenix Arizona and get into your locked property.

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