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Best Breakfast Restaurants In Chandler AZ

Best Breakfast Restaurants In Chandler AZ

Breakfast in ChandlerLooking for a new favorite place to eat breakfast in the east valley. Well, if your in Chandler heres a few of our picks for the Best Breakfast Restaurants in Chandler AZ. AZ-Locksmith offers emergency 24/7 locksmith services in Chandler, this means we’re often out and about in the area at all hours. One of those hours that happens to be our favorite, Breakfast. Take a look at our favorite breakfast spots below and then go try them out. We know locksmithing, but we also know our breakfast. Enjoy.

Hoosier Cafe

Located on Warner towards Arizona Ave, the original Hoosier Cafe is one of favorites. They open at 6am and are open until 2pm daily. They have a 4 star rating on Google with like 59 reviews. Honestly, it should be a 5 star. The secret is to get the biscuits and gravy instead of the toast. The service here is great and everyone is super friendly. Hoosier Cafe is a phenomenal local spot the food is very midwestern styled and it’s always so so good.

Chase’s Diner

Whew! If you like skillets add Chase’s Diner to your next breakfast stop. They are to die for. Chase’s has been around for awhile as local crowd favorite. The service is great, we have never had bad service. The food is consistently perfect. Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Pancakes and the coffee is spot on. Very traditional menu with breakfast classics. Go check out Chase’s, they also serve lunch and the burgers are fantastic.

Biscuits Cafe

Specializing in Omelettes and homemade biscuits and gravy, hence the name. Biscuits Cafe rounds up our 3 favorite breakfast restaurants in Chandler. From big fluffy pancakes, cinnamon roll french toast and all the favs in breakfast meats, Biscuits Cafe is a great place to stop for some early morning eats. They are located at 2090 N Dobson Rd ste 4 in Chandler.

We hope either this helps make up your mind or better yet, you find a new favorite breakfast stop in Chandler. Our Techs are always out providing locksmith services in Chandler and you’ll usually see us at one of these three places early morning if we aren’t already on the job.

Chandler AZ Great For Families great for business

chandler Locksmith company

Chandler, Great for Families, Great for Business

Chandler, Arizona is quickly becoming one of the best cities to live in for families in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. It is fast growing, the housing market is excellent and there are many up coming businesses in the area. It is one of the larger cities in Arizona, with a high population density,  largely in part due to the amount of children, which just means there are more people to meet!

It is surrounded by gorgeous landscape, and is only a short car ride away to Santan Mountain Regional Park. Other natural landmarks surrounding this area include the National Parks and the White Mountains. Don’t forget all of the great hiking! This means that there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you and your family busy and happy.  If you are looking for a place that is central to out-of-town activities, Chandler is really close to San Diego and Las Vegas, two great vacationing spots.

Chandler For Families

Speaking of keeping busy and happy, Chandler has a ton of activities for families right in town as well! There are the spring training games for Major League Baseball,  the annual Ostrich Festival that features some amazing carnival rides, and plenty of outdoor recreational activities in the 330 days of sunshine this city has a year.  You can go biking, hiking, swimming, and more.

If you are looking for another fun day out in Chandler, try out the Old West at Rawhide Western Town. Kids love the western style theme park that will make them feel like cowboys from the old days.

One of The Best In Maricopa County

Chandler has an excellent graduation rate, of 88 percent, and the school systems are very high quality overall. The standard household income for the area is well over $70,000. Not only that, but the crime rate is low in the area, and your surrounded by friendly people all over the city. It is a very reasonably priced place to live, and there are cheaper property taxes and homeowners insurance as well, which means that you will have the cash to find a home you love.

Thankfully, for all of the reasons listed above, many people choose to live in Chandler, which is why it is great for business in the area. There are so many opportunities for business to grow a strong customer base, which is great for the business owner and the economy in Chandler as well.

With all of these people and business booming, it keeps the high quality Locksmiths in Chandler like us busy, but not too busy. We always keep a quick and above average response time. It is important to keep your family safe and secure, as well as your business. Thankfully, there are also some remarkable locksmiths in Chandler to do the job for you. Once you get settled in to your new place or business in Chandler, give Arizona Locksmith a call.


Chandler Arizona Real Estate and Businesses Are Great

Chandler Arizona Real Estate and Businesses Are Great

Residential and Business Locksmith Company in Chandler.

Residential Locksmith Chandler, AZ

We have worked all over Maricopa County for years now, but getting to work with the residents and businesses in the Chandler area has been such an eye opener for us, especially when looking at the residential real estate market. If you ever have wondered, if the city that you live in is growing – you won’t after living, working or doing business in Chandler, AZ. Chandler Arizona real estate and businesses are great and we have been very fortunate to experience both. With an incredible presence and referral business as locksmith in Chandler it’s given us the opportunity to see how much of the growth in the east valley is contributed by Chandler.

We have been able to see first hand that a strong real estate market benefits the city and all of the residents and businesses in the area. This is exactly what is happening in the Chandler, one of the larger cities in the major Phoenix metropolitan area. 

Real Estate and Business in Chandler

According to Trulia.com, a major resource for real estate statistics and home listings. Chandler has a maintained a steady or flat average in the price of homes sold year-over-year. These days in real estate thats a huge win. The city is continuing to become a major area of interest for families and new businesses. 

Over three quaters of the population consists of home owners but the growing number of businesses and corporations that are being planted in this city are a large contributing factor the number of new condos and apartment complex’s that are being built. We were able to find out that the average price of rent of rent on apartments in Chandler has gone up $150 a month since January. Our Chandler Locksmiths have done a lot of work lately with replacing locks and re-keying some of these apartments. Not to mention the very occasional call for emergency lockouts after a fun evening of enjoying the great Chandler nightlife. 

Grateful For Our Business In Chandler

The steady real estate market trends and increased new construction in Chandler is partially due to the demand for employment from some major corporations located in the city. Companies such as Intel, Wells Fargo and Paypal employe anywhere from 2,400 to 111,000 people in Chandler, and thats just 3 of the major corporations out 38 in Chandler, that consist of all types of industries ranging from healthcare, government and Aerospace. The larger companies in Chandler are great for maintaining the average household income of over $70k a year, however some of the unique, fun and growing small businesses still remain the bread and butter of this east valley city. 

Arizona Locksmith is extremely grateful for the work we get to do as a locksmith company in Chandler. Our quick response time, versatile technicians and affordable pricing has led to many great reviews that keep bringing in business. We would not even have the chance to be one compete as one of the best locksmiths around if it wasn’t for the booming consistently successful real estate market in Chandler. Each year in Chandler only gets better and better, the city its self or anyone who lives in the area will be the first to tell you how great it is. As one of the local businesses and fans of the area, Arizona Locksmith, will always second that opinion. 

Thanks Chandler! We appreciate you. 

 – AZ-Locksmith.com 

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