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The types of lock for your home security

home security, The types of lock for your home security, Phoenix Locksmith - Emergency Locksmith ServicesYour home security depends almost entirely on the type of locks used. There are many types of locks available. Some of the commonly used types include padlocks, knob locks etc. They should be installed keeping in mind the position and use of that door or cabinet.

The security of the home largely depends on the choice of locks and doors that you make for the home. The superior quality and the latest technology of the locks are the best friend of your home security and hence understanding the needs and choosing accordingly is essential for your home maintenance. There are several types of locks that you can chose from that ranges from ones with very simple lever system and to computerized ones. The position of the door also should be taken into consideration while you choose the locks.

  • Padlocks

These are the only type of lock that are portable and can be taken and attached anywhere as per your need. They come in two major variety that are namely the combination and the keyed. While the padlocks have the advantage of portability the drawback associated with them is their vulnerability. They can be easily broken with proper application of force.

  • Knob locks

As the name suggests, this type of lock have a rotating knob and that plays a major role in the locking system. They are commonly found in many residential houses. This kind of locks are also prone to lock picking and if they are being used for external doors then they should be accompanied with secondary lock for added security. However they look sophisticated.

  • Deadbolts

They are commonly used for external doors and often are accompanied with knob locks. There are majorly three types of these locks namely the single cylinder, lockable thumb fan and the double cylinder. To increase the security of the deadbolt often the lock guard is installed along with it.

  • Cam locks

A locking system that is commonly seen with filing cabinets and lock boxes the cam locks uses a metal tail piece for a key and that is made for rotating the cam in and out of the door. The usually have pin tumbler or tubular locking mechanism which are known to be susceptible to picking of lock.

  • Euro Profile cylinder

These are majorly found in sliding doors particularly popular in north America. The lock should be matched with the thickness of the door in order to ensure that it is not rendered powerless against lock breaking completely.

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