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Security and Home Automation

As technology advances, home and business security system options advance as well, improving the ways in which you can keep your home, business and loved ones safe.

Z-Wavelocks are just one part of the latest and greatest inventions in technology that can help enhance today’s security systems and protect your home or business.

What is “Z-Wave” technology, and how can a Z-Wave lock improve your way of life?

According to Wikipedia, “Z-Wave is designed to provide reliable, low-latency transmission of small data packets, unlike Wi-Fi and other wireless LAN systems that are designed primarily for high data rates.” This means that a Z-Wave lock system will help reduce energy usage.

Z-Wave technology usage is growing fast both in the United States and around the world. Wikipedia tells us that “as of 2015, Z-Wave is supported by over 325 manufacturers worldwide and appears in a broad range of consumer and commercial products in the US, Europe, and Asia.”

A lock equipped with Z-wave technology enables the lock to communicate wirelessly with other Z-Wave enabled devices in a home or business such as lighting, access controls, household appliances and entertainment systems that are connected to the Z-wave network that’s been implemented in the home or business.

Z-wave locks also allow the homeowner to remotely check the door lock status, to lock the door or to unlock the door remotely and to receive text or e-mail messages and alerts via a web-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC.

With a Z-Wave lock, you can have the convenience of having to use only one button to secure your home when you leave, and the confidence of knowing that you’ll receive a timely alert if there is a safety concern such as unauthorized entry, a possible fire, or a water emergency.

By installing a Z-Wave lock and other Z-Wave accessible products throughout your home and/or business, you can make monitoring and protecting your home, business and loved ones that much easier.

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