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Today there are numerous door lock replacement options available in the market. In fact, those replacement options can offer you a lot more convenience for ensuring the safety of your home. These locks are crucial to keeping your valuable safe without compromising on the safety of your loved ones. Just connect with a commercial locksmith and take his help in choosing the right lock replacement for your home.

Also, here are the top five variety of options which you can choose to replace your existing door lock. However, you must know your exact requirements as this will help you select the right replacement for your door without any compromises.

 Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Lock Replacement

  • Checking the Security Features

It is essential to be sure that a safety feature that a locking system is providing you is sufficient and in no way fails to breach the privacy or security of your family. The various types of lock replacement consist of knobs, motor, latches, etc. So, before buying a locking system, be sure that it provides a higher security grade to tackle thefts.

  • Knowing the Best Replacement Option

There is a range of door lock replacements available to solve your requirements, like smart lock deadbolts, padlocks, etc. All these types of locks offer varying security levels for the front door. Therefore, it is better to hire a commercial locksmith to get the best advice and installation of a locking system.

  • Considering the Cost and Maintenance

When it comes to choosing the best locking system for your door, you should also see that the available options fit your budget well. The different types of locks are available at different prices, as the mechanism of the system and reliability varies. Consider the reliability and maintenance before making a purchase.

Types of Lock Replacement

  • Cylindrical Locks

This locking system is the most traditional type of lock used for most of the doors. The cylindrical or padlock locking system comes with a key for unlocking. The lock used in this system is placed in the door and can be updated whenever required. You can get this locking system with both single cylinder or double cylinders. It is, therefore, a safe option for the front doors.

  • Mortis Handle Locks

This door locking system comes with a handpiece to conveniently open the door. Moreover, there is a deadlock and a handle, working simultaneously for locking or unlocking the mechanism. This makes the locking system a desirable option for the front door as they offer an added advantage of safety with their strong lock mechanism.

  • Entry Door Knobs

This locking system is a classic lock that offers the same level of security as the other locks. When it comes to design, the knobs of the lock can be either cylindrical or deadbolt for offering strong reliability.

  • Mechanical Deadbolt Locks

The deadbolt locks are considered to be a safer and durable option for the doors. Moreover, the locking system is entirely secure as it doesn’t have any spring for locking or unlocking. Both single and double cylindrical options are available. Thus can be used in the front door interior side too.

  • Smart Locks

This locking mechanism is controlled using these smartphones, electronic devices, or tablets. Moreover, they can also be controlled remotely without any physical presence in front of the lock. The top three types of smart electronic locks consist of-

  • Electronic Deadbolt Lock

This electronic deadbolt locking system is in trend as it uses mobile applications or other electronic modes for unlocking the door. The mechanism is similar to that of a deadbolt lock, but it needs a mobile application to authenticate the person trying to unlock the door for opening the locks.

  • Keypad Entry Lock

This keypad entry locking system requires a setup of pin code in the door lock through the use of a dedicated code mechanism present in the lock itself. The system does not accept any keys and entirely rely on code buttons for unlocking.

  • Fingerprint padlock

The padlock locking system is quite portable, but it can be used to lock the front door in some cases. As most people prefer to use padlocks, the fingerprint lock system offers them improved security levels from thieves. Moreover, it also offers a keyless advantage and does not involve any hassles of using a key for unlocking.

Get the Best Lock Replacement from Reputed Locksmiths

Knowing the right type of lock replacement can be quite challenging. Therefore, it is better to seek the assistance of a professional residential locksmith who can guide you rightly and choose the best locking system for your home. Arizona Locksmith is known to offer the best commercial locksmith services in Scottsdale. Our professionals have years of expertise in choosing and installing the right locking system for residential and commercial purposes. All of our services are highly affordable and available 24/7.

So, whenever the need for a lock replacement or installation arises, feel free to contact us.

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