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Should You Tip an Automotive Locksmith?

Many people wonder if they should tip their automotive locksmith for offering exceptional service or showing up when no one is available.

Generally, it is not required to tip an automotive locksmith in Phoenix. A tip is a token of appreciation for their timely and quality services.

There are some cases when they may deserve a small reward. For example, they help you with after-hours emergency services or over the holidays.

If you are looking to know the exact tipping policy, we will delve into more details. Let’s get started.

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Scenarios in Which You Can Consider Tipping an Automotive Locksmith.

Tipping an automotive locksmith is not required. But there are some scenarios where it is a meaningful gesture to acknowledge their expertise.


Emergencies can occur at any time, especially when they are least expected. In such scenarios, getting the assistance of an automotive locksmith is invaluable. In such circumstances, tipping becomes a way to express gratitude for their quick response during off-hours. They help you when others might be unavailable. Therefore, tipping them can be a thoughtful gesture.


Car lockouts are there to ruin your celebration and joy of holidays. If you find yourself looking for a locksmith on a holiday, tipping is a token of gesture to acknowledge their help during a time when others are celebrating.

Bad Weather Conditions:

When the weather gets worse, with heavy rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, locksmiths may still come to your rescue. The challenging conditions they go through to help in such circumstances are praiseworthy.

Tipping not only compensates for the extra effort but also serves as a token of appreciation for their commitment to customer service despite adverse weather conditions.

Long-Distance Service:

Sometimes, you are located far from the locksmith. It means that they have to cover a long distance to reach you. Long-distance travel can be demanding, especially when urgency is involved. Tipping reflects your understanding of the inconvenience caused by the distance and your gratitude for their commitment to reaching you regardless.

Exceptional Service:

Sometimes, locksmiths go above and beyond to provide exceptional service beyond your expectations. If your locksmith does an outstanding job, whether in resolving a complex lock issue or completing the job quickly, a tip can be worth it. This acknowledgment can motivate locksmiths to maintain high standards of service and craftsmanship.

Unsolicited Extra Services:

Another scenario where tipping can be done is when the locksmith performs additional tasks without being asked. For instance, you hired a locksmith to replace your car keys. But they also lubricate the hinges on your door. It shows a commitment to customer satisfaction. Tipping in such cases is a wonderful way of saying thank you for their proactive approach and for going beyond the specific tasks you initially requested.


When Not to Tip an Automotive Locksmith

Sure. Tipping is a genuine expression of appreciation for the efforts and service quality. However, there are some situations where not tipping is acceptable. Such as…

  • When you lack cash on hand.
  • When a locksmith fails to show up on time promised by them.
  • When they provide poor customer service.
  • When their job doesn’t meet your customer expectations.


How Much to Tip Your Car Locksmith?

If you have decided to tip your automotive locksmith, you must be wondering how much is appropriate. Generally, 15% to 20% is the standard. That could be more or less depending on the circumstances discussed above.


Don’t Have Money to Tip? Here are Some Alternatives

Sometimes, you don’t have money but you want to reward efficient, honest business or service. Well, it happens.

There are many great ways to do which don’t involve tipping with money. In fact, since tipping is not expected for automotive locksmiths, these alternatives can be better for them, especially the small and independent locksmith businesses looking for more business.

  • Drop a helpful and positive review for their locksmith services over Google Reviews, Yelp, TrustPilot, or any other reviewing platform.
  • Giving them a coffee or snack can also be a nice way to appreciate their efforts.
  • A simple positive comment on their quality of work can also work. Saying some nice words can uplift their spirit and boost their morale.

The Bottom Line:

As we said before, it is not necessary to tip an automotive locksmith. However, a tip might be a gesture to show how grateful you are to them for their help. A tip may make sense in certain scenarios such as emergency calls late at night, on holidays, in bad weather, or if they have to cover a long distance to reach you. You can also consider tipping when they have an outstanding job or work quickly.



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