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First coming to the attention of the general public around 2003, lock “bumping” or “bumping” as become a serious problem for home security. In this article, I discuss what bumping is, who is in danger of bring “bumped” and how to prevent it. As a 24/7 Locksmith, I am well aware of what a great concern “bumping” has become for my customers.  Thieves, with just a little effort can break into a home in no time. Read on for further details on this surprising trend.

If you still use cylinder locks in your home, you are at risk of a break-in. These locks, with a few basic tools and a little know-how, can easily be compromised through “lock bumping”. This is a technique that involves inserting into the lock a specially cut key and gently “bumping” with a mallet to force the door open. The “bumping” forces the pins in the lock to the shear line as the key turns. Fortunately, a Locksmith can help install anti-bumping locks. These locks can be installed by home owners, but to ensure the system is working correctly, I recommend my customers take advantage of our mobile locksmith  services. We will come out and make sure that all new locks are installed correctly and working with peak effectiveness.

Who is in Danger of Bumping? Which Locks are Anti-Bumping?

Any home is predisposed to the dangers of bumping provided cylinder locks are in place. These locks can easily be “bumped” even by a child. They are vulnerable to bumping as the technique requires no special skill. The advent of technology has even made lock bumping easier as “bump keys”, required to accomplish this technique, can be ordered online. This allows burglars to enter your home without any sign of forced entry.


Therefore, you need to aptly evaluate the security of your home and protect yourself. Because lock bumping is a realistic threat that should be taken seriously. Ways to protect your home from lock bumping, however, range from inexpensive to very expensive. You can simply take your lock to a Locksmith shop for installation of special pins that prevent bumping, or you can employ the use of door locks that are anti-bumping. The latter is costly but efficient. A Locksmith can have your anti-bumping pins installed in your lock or your whole lock replaced with a anti-bumping version in no time at all. This is a small price to pay to prevent a criminal from waltzing into your home.


The former option is affordable since an expert locksmith can come to your home and repair the lock. A service charge will however be remitted. Locks that are anti-bumping include: pickproof and bump proof single-sided deadbolt locks, deadbolt bump-stopping lock strap, remote control deadbolt locks and Mul-T-Lock, High Security Locks, etc. These locks are aptly categorized as residential bump locks, light commercial grade locks, and bump proof deadbolt.

What You Can Suitably Do To Prevent Lock Bumping

The advent of the Internet has made it easier to acquire the key needed to accomplish the lock bumping task. Fortunately for many, there are stronger locks that can be used to minimize the risk of a home break-in. Also, availability of locksmith services has helped include additional security features in locks and equally replaced them for extra security.

But how can the average person prevent bumping? Well, you can add chain latches to the exterior doors. This provides an additional barrier for the burglar to bypass and gain entry, but does not affect your lock’s susceptibility to bumping. You could also install a home security system or hire a locksmith to modify, replace your existing locks and deadbolts.

Final words:

When I was doing jobs as a locksmith in Glendale, I became well acquainted with the dangers of lock bumping. In addition, as a commercial locksmith, I have seen that business are not immune to this practice.  I cannot stress enough the necessity of making sure your home is protected. Even if you do not hire a locksmith like me, I recommend that you purchase a lock that in resistant to bumping to protect your loved ones, valuables, and business property.

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