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Take Control With Affordable Home Automation and Control Systems From Arizona Locksmith

Affordable & Convenient

Smart homes and automation are becoming increasingly popular in Arizona. Remotely adjust your temperatures for optimal comfort, control your lights with lighting scenes for multiple conditions, monitor you home security when you’re away or even open doors and garages for guests from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet.

Our smart home automation systems are designed for each and every home to be unique and fit any budget.

Contact us today for a free quote or to get started with your smart home upgrade for under $500. The starter package is created to be scalable allowing you to upgrade to full home control either one room at a time or all at once. The smart home solution from Arizona Locksmith gives you access to control over 200+ products right from the palm of your hand.

Home Automation, automation, Phoenix Locksmith - Emergency Locksmith Services
Home Automation, automation, Phoenix Locksmith - Emergency Locksmith Services

Enjoy the convenience of Home Control. Get started for under $500.

Take Control

Over 200+ products to automate your home or business. 

Contact us today to learn more about our starter systems and the endless options of home automation.

Home Entertainment

Relax at home in comfort and entertainment with complete control over your entertainment system and sound throughout the house or in one specific room.

Lighting Control

Control your lights, set timers and scenes for any occasion or time of the day. Did you forget to turn the lights off when you left? No problem, control lights from anywhere.

HVAC Control

Control the temperature and comfort levels throughout your home or for individual rooms. Set timers to automatically adjust your air conditioning during warmer times of the day. Turn your AC on before you arrive home for a cool arrival.

Door Entry & Locks

Remotely control the access to your home. Lock and unlock doors when you’re not home for guests and service work. Send the video from the door bell to your phone to let visitors know you’re not home.

Home Security

Monitor your homes security cameras from anywhere in the world at any time. Gain a peace of mind with remote monitoring and motion activation alerts right to your smartphone.

Energy Management

Save money on energy, set your home to operate at maximum efficiency. Manage your energy consumption throughout the house for a smart environmentally friendly home.

Utility Management

Utility management allows you to manage appliances and water lines, be alerted when there is a water leak and your system will automatically activate a shut off valve to prevent additional damages and costs.
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