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Car rekeying

Car Rekeying in Phoenix: What to Know

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]When you lose or break your car key, you can’t just order a new one because each key is unique to a specific car.

What about rekeying your car?

Rekeying involves replacing internal components like wafers, disks, and sliders in the lock. This way, the lock can be opened with a new key.

Simply put, a car lock rekeying process involves altering the inner components of the door lock cylinder.

This process doesn’t require replacing the entire lock and makes the old key useless.

After rekeying, you’ll get a new set of keys that can unlock and start your car. However, if the lock is damaged, rekeying won’t work, and you’ll need to replace the entire lock.

Rekeying is best for situations where the key is lost or broken. Therefore, it provides a more affordable alternative to lock replacement.

Both locksmiths and dealerships provide car rekeying services.

This guide will help you get familiar with rekeying as you look for a car locksmith Phoenix or elsewhere for the same.

When to Consider Rekeying Your Car Locks?

Lost or Stolen Keys:

Have you lost both your main and spare keys? Or you suspect they’ve been stolen? Rekeying is can be the best solution in such scenarios.

Swift action in rekeying can prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle. It minimizes the risk of thefts and the associated risks.

Older or Used Vehicles:

Older or used vehicles may come with a history of multiple key users.

Rekeying your car locks in such cases is a preventive measure.

It gives you peace of mind that any exiting spare keys from previous owners won’t work with your lock.

Key Damage:

If your car key becomes damaged, opting for rekeying is a wise decision.

Attempting to repair a broken key might lead to defective auto locks, which can be expensive to replace or repair. Rekeying provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Enhanced Security:

Many individuals choose to rekey their cars for the added security it provides.

Rekeying ensures that the old key becomes useless, preventing unauthorized access and potential theft.

Home Break-in:

If your home has been broken into, it’s crucial to consider not only replacing home locks but also rekeying your car. Thieves could have taken spare keys during the break-in, posing a continued risk to your vehicle. Rekeying your car ensures that any stolen keys become useless, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding both your home and vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Rekeying Car Locks?

Enhanced Security:

One of the primary benefits of rekeying your car key is the enhanced security it provides. When you lose your key or suspect it has fallen into the wrong hands, rekeying ensures that the old key becomes useless.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Rekeying is a more cost-effective alternative to complete lock replacement. While replacing an entire lock system can be expensive, rekeying changes the internal components of the lock to work with a new key. This process is generally quicker and more affordable, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.

Convenience and Quick Resolution:

Rekeying is a swift process that provides a quick resolution to the issue of lost or misplaced keys. Rather than waiting for a new set of keys to be ordered, rekeying allows you to regain access to your car promptly. This is particularly beneficial in situations where you need to use your vehicle urgently.


How Much Does it Cost to Rekey Your Car?

Rekeying your car comes with varying costs depending on factors like location, service provider, and the type of rekeying needed.

There are two main types: ignition and door locks.

Ignition rekeying can be pricier due to the potentially expensive ignition cylinder, which can cost up to $700. Any skilled car locksmith in Phoenix or elsewhere can reconfigure its components for a new key, with the cost typically ranging between $120 and $225.

On the other hand, rekeying your car’s door locks is usually more affordable. Locksmiths may charge a minimum fee (around $40 to $100) and an additional charge for each lock (between $5 and $25 per unit). In total, door lock rekeying often falls between $70 and $180. The overall cost is influenced by factors like the vehicle’s age, make, and model, the type of equipment needed, and whether your key uses a transponder.

Getting Car Rekeying at Locksmith vs. Car Dealership

As we said earlier, you can get your car rekeyed at both a locksmith and a car dealership.

However, opting for a professional car locksmith Phoenix or across the Valley option may be more beneficial compared to a car dealership due to several benefits.

For example, dealership staff has expertise in a variety of automobile services. But they are not generally not licensed in locksmith services or part of any locksmith organizations. On top of that, the locksmith services may be more expensive over there.  Also, expect to have a long wait time.

On the other hand, locksmiths, being experts in the field, possess a deep understanding of lock and keys. They are often more cost-effective than turning to the dealership.

One notable advantage is the minimal wait time. Unlike dealerships, where customers may face long queues, locksmiths address each rekeying service individually, ensuring a short and efficient process.

They can craft high-security or programmable keys, including laser-cut varieties, enhancing the overall security of your vehicle. Another convenience is that locksmith services come to you, especially if you are looking for an emergency locksmith service.

Companies like AZ Locksmith send skilled technicians to your location.

Over to You…

So you must have understood the ins and outs of car rekeying. If you are looking for car rekeying services in Phoenix and elsewhere in the Valley, you can count on our reliable auto locksmith services. Our car locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ are backed by experience, expertise, and tools to help you get back on the road again. Get in touch now![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]


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