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While there are a number of things, one is concerned about while driving around in the car, but locking themselves outranks the worst scenario that can happen. Unless there is a spare key either with you or with someone, there is nothing you can do at the moment once you lock your car and realize you have left your keys in the ignition. Calling for a phoenix locksmith undoubtedly is the best thing you can do to get yourself out of the situation. But to avoid this situation, here are some tips you need to keep in mind when you are out driving. The tips can surely save you from the hassle and trouble of locking yourself out of your car.

  • Keep Your Keys in Hand 

The first thing to remember is to never exit your car leaving behind the keys. It is better to put them in your purse or your pocket, or you can have them in your hands while getting out.

However, people usually put them down somewhere and then forget about them. To avoid such situations, better keep your keys after removing them from the ignition in your hand or place them somewhere safe like your pocket.

  • Use the Fob to Lock the Doors 

The next best way to ensure you never face a lockout situation is to use the key fob for locking the door. It is easy and beneficial with the keys with a built-in locking mechanism. So, make sure that while you go out to lock or unlock your car, you only use the buttons on the key. By taking the safety measure, you can always ensure that you have your keys with you, and if you don’t, you cannot lock the vehicle door.

Tip- Before leaving your car, do a quick check to ensure that the car keys are in your hand or in your bag.

  • Replace the Old Batteries in the Fob 

In some cases, the key fobs might not work when unlocking the vehicle. In such cases, make sure to check the fob’s batteries to ensure they are not dead. In case they are, then it’s better to replace the battery, which can be purchased from any auto parts store. Moreover, if you’re facing some trouble with the fob, look for a locksmith near me and take their professional service to improve the working of the fob.

  • Have Spare Keys 

A good way to prevent such lockout situations from a vehicle is to have some spare keys handy. Depending upon the type of your key, you have to see how expensive it will be. For instance, a regular key without a fob can be made at any hardware store, or you can look for a phoenix locksmith. But for the keys with fobs, you have to visit your dealership or call for a reputable locksmith near me.

In addition to having spare keys, it is better to put them somewhere; you can easily get them. You can place your keys at places like-

  • Home in an easily accessible place that is either your kitchen or your bedroom
  • Your pocket or your purse to have easy access to them whenever the situation arises.
  • Another right place to hide your spare keys is somewhere on your vehicle using a magnetic box stuck in an unexpected place.
  • Have a Locksmith Contact Number

The final option is to have the contact of a phoenix locksmith in your phone book. This way, even if you get into lockout situations, you can receive help just with a phone call. Moreover, it is better to have the contact details of a 24/7 locksmith. This will help you get the services at any place at any time.

In addition to these tips, there are numerous ways you can avoid facing such lockout situations. But the tips mentioned above are the easiest and the quickest solution for lockout situations. However, the most beneficial one is having contact with a locksmith near me. This will ensure you receive help at the right time.

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