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Best Breakfast Restaurants In Chandler AZ

Best Breakfast Restaurants In Chandler AZ

Breakfast in ChandlerLooking for a new favorite place to eat breakfast in the east valley. Well, if your in Chandler heres a few of our picks for the Best Breakfast Restaurants in Chandler AZ. AZ-Locksmith offers emergency 24/7 locksmith services in Chandler, this means we’re often out and about in the area at all hours. One of those hours that happens to be our favorite, Breakfast. Take a look at our favorite breakfast spots below and then go try them out. We know locksmithing, but we also know our breakfast. Enjoy.

Hoosier Cafe

Located on Warner towards Arizona Ave, the original Hoosier Cafe is one of favorites. They open at 6am and are open until 2pm daily. They have a 4 star rating on Google with like 59 reviews. Honestly, it should be a 5 star. The secret is to get the biscuits and gravy instead of the toast. The service here is great and everyone is super friendly. Hoosier Cafe is a phenomenal local spot the food is very midwestern styled and it’s always so so good.

Chase’s Diner

Whew! If you like skillets add Chase’s Diner to your next breakfast stop. They are to die for. Chase’s has been around for awhile as local crowd favorite. The service is great, we have never had bad service. The food is consistently perfect. Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Pancakes and the coffee is spot on. Very traditional menu with breakfast classics. Go check out Chase’s, they also serve lunch and the burgers are fantastic.

Biscuits Cafe

Specializing in Omelettes and homemade biscuits and gravy, hence the name. Biscuits Cafe rounds up our 3 favorite breakfast restaurants in Chandler. From big fluffy pancakes, cinnamon roll french toast and all the favs in breakfast meats, Biscuits Cafe is a great place to stop for some early morning eats. They are located at 2090 N Dobson Rd ste 4 in Chandler.

We hope either this helps make up your mind or better yet, you find a new favorite breakfast stop in Chandler. Our Techs are always out providing locksmith services in Chandler and you’ll usually see us at one of these three places early morning if we aren’t already on the job.

Chandler AZ Great For Families great for business

chandler Locksmith company

Chandler, Great for Families, Great for Business

Chandler, Arizona is quickly becoming one of the best cities to live in for families in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. It is fast growing, the housing market is excellent and there are many up coming businesses in the area. It is one of the larger cities in Arizona, with a high population density,  largely in part due to the amount of children, which just means there are more people to meet!

It is surrounded by gorgeous landscape, and is only a short car ride away to Santan Mountain Regional Park. Other natural landmarks surrounding this area include the National Parks and the White Mountains. Don’t forget all of the great hiking! This means that there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you and your family busy and happy.  If you are looking for a place that is central to out-of-town activities, Chandler is really close to San Diego and Las Vegas, two great vacationing spots.

Chandler For Families

Speaking of keeping busy and happy, Chandler has a ton of activities for families right in town as well! There are the spring training games for Major League Baseball,  the annual Ostrich Festival that features some amazing carnival rides, and plenty of outdoor recreational activities in the 330 days of sunshine this city has a year.  You can go biking, hiking, swimming, and more.

If you are looking for another fun day out in Chandler, try out the Old West at Rawhide Western Town. Kids love the western style theme park that will make them feel like cowboys from the old days.

One of The Best In Maricopa County

Chandler has an excellent graduation rate, of 88 percent, and the school systems are very high quality overall. The standard household income for the area is well over $70,000. Not only that, but the crime rate is low in the area, and your surrounded by friendly people all over the city. It is a very reasonably priced place to live, and there are cheaper property taxes and homeowners insurance as well, which means that you will have the cash to find a home you love.

Thankfully, for all of the reasons listed above, many people choose to live in Chandler, which is why it is great for business in the area. There are so many opportunities for business to grow a strong customer base, which is great for the business owner and the economy in Chandler as well.

With all of these people and business booming, it keeps the high quality Locksmiths in Chandler like us busy, but not too busy. We always keep a quick and above average response time. It is important to keep your family safe and secure, as well as your business. Thankfully, there are also some remarkable locksmiths in Chandler to do the job for you. Once you get settled in to your new place or business in Chandler, give Arizona Locksmith a call.


Chandler Arizona Real Estate and Businesses Are Great

Chandler Arizona Real Estate and Businesses Are Great

Residential and Business Locksmith Company in Chandler.

Residential Locksmith Chandler, AZ

We have worked all over Maricopa County for years now, but getting to work with the residents and businesses in the Chandler area has been such an eye opener for us, especially when looking at the residential real estate market. If you ever have wondered, if the city that you live in is growing – you won’t after living, working or doing business in Chandler, AZ. Chandler Arizona real estate and businesses are great and we have been very fortunate to experience both. With an incredible presence and referral business as locksmith in Chandler it’s given us the opportunity to see how much of the growth in the east valley is contributed by Chandler.

We have been able to see first hand that a strong real estate market benefits the city and all of the residents and businesses in the area. This is exactly what is happening in the Chandler, one of the larger cities in the major Phoenix metropolitan area. 

Real Estate and Business in Chandler

According to, a major resource for real estate statistics and home listings. Chandler has a maintained a steady or flat average in the price of homes sold year-over-year. These days in real estate thats a huge win. The city is continuing to become a major area of interest for families and new businesses. 

Over three quaters of the population consists of home owners but the growing number of businesses and corporations that are being planted in this city are a large contributing factor the number of new condos and apartment complex’s that are being built. We were able to find out that the average price of rent of rent on apartments in Chandler has gone up $150 a month since January. Our Chandler Locksmiths have done a lot of work lately with replacing locks and re-keying some of these apartments. Not to mention the very occasional call for emergency lockouts after a fun evening of enjoying the great Chandler nightlife. 

Grateful For Our Business In Chandler

The steady real estate market trends and increased new construction in Chandler is partially due to the demand for employment from some major corporations located in the city. Companies such as Intel, Wells Fargo and Paypal employe anywhere from 2,400 to 111,000 people in Chandler, and thats just 3 of the major corporations out 38 in Chandler, that consist of all types of industries ranging from healthcare, government and Aerospace. The larger companies in Chandler are great for maintaining the average household income of over $70k a year, however some of the unique, fun and growing small businesses still remain the bread and butter of this east valley city. 

Arizona Locksmith is extremely grateful for the work we get to do as a locksmith company in Chandler. Our quick response time, versatile technicians and affordable pricing has led to many great reviews that keep bringing in business. We would not even have the chance to be one compete as one of the best locksmiths around if it wasn’t for the booming consistently successful real estate market in Chandler. Each year in Chandler only gets better and better, the city its self or anyone who lives in the area will be the first to tell you how great it is. As one of the local businesses and fans of the area, Arizona Locksmith, will always second that opinion. 

Thanks Chandler! We appreciate you. 


Hire a Specialist for BMW Automotive Keys

Hire a Specialist for BMW Automotive Keys

keysYou may lose or misplace your original BMW keys, you may get locked out of your car or you may have a malfunctioning BMW key. You may be aware of the problem or you may be clueless. Regardless of that, the experience can be frustrating. Despite being extremely cautious with your keys, there may be that odd instance when you wouldn’t find them or you would know for certain that they are lost or misplaced. Don’t indulge in anxiety during such circumstances. Hire a specialist for BMW automotive keys.

BMW keys are unique. You need technicians who are trained and experienced to cut and program keys, and that too at the location where you are. You may realize that you have lost or misplaced the keys when you are at home, work or you may get locked out of your BMW on the road. We would reach out to you and get the problem fixed onsite. We don’t need to tow your car.

We also specialize in supplying and programming keyless entry systems. Your keyless entry remote may malfunction. It may not work due to some problem in the remote or some errors in the sensors of the locks. There may be some mechanical or electronic problems. We can address both and more. Even if your push to start ignition key is not functioning, we can attend to that as well. Other than fixing these keys and locks, we can also supply new BMW automotive keys.

You may own a BMW 3 series, 5 series or 7 series model. It could be any BMW model you own. We have the specialization, the relevant experience and also the tools to work on BMW automotive keys. Once you give us a call, we would immediate send a trained and experienced locksmith. You could also schedule an appointment if that works better for you. For the record, we offer roadside assistance and emergency locksmith services.

Call Arizona Locksmith for your new set of transponder keys! (602) 344-9599

We have the resources to cut and program keys at your location. You may not have the original key for reference, you may be locked out, your ignition may be damaged, the key may be physically damaged, the transponder  key may not work or you may have a problem with the immobilizer, we would attend to the problem and have it fixed. We offer 24/7 emergency services so whenever you need our solutions we are just a phone call away.

The expertise of transponder key programming.

The expertise of transponder key programming.

keysAll cars manufactured and launched after 1995 have transponder keys. Unless you have modified an old car, one manufactured before 1995, to have specially made transponder key, you don’t have to worry about transponder key programming.

Transponder Keys: Explained!

The term ‘transponder’ essentially means a transmitter and a responder. Hence, transponder key acts as the communicator responsible for sending and receiving signals from an immobilizer installed in the car. The engine control unit has an immobilizer which works like an electronic security device. When turned off, it allows you to start the car. When turned on, the immobilizer will prevent any ignition. Transponder key is the tool that turns the immobilizer on and off. The practice of using an immobilizer is primarily to discourage and prevent auto thefts. The contemporary automobiles cannot be hotwired as in the old days because of the transponder key.

Transponder key may look very similar to a normal key. It is the door key and the ignition key. While transponder keys are state of the art and they are much more durable than ordinary keys, yet they can go kaput or malfunction from time to time. Physical damage, electronic or software issues along with a range of facilitating factors can render a transponder key unresponsive. If that happens, you need transponder key programming.

Transponder Key Programming: Explained!

Transponder keys are essentially metallic keys with chips. They may have the same kind of contours, teeth and physical features as state of the art keys and in addition to that they would have a chip that can hook to the system of the automobile with the help of the exclusive software of the manufacturer. When transponder key chips don’t work or if there is a problem with the software, you would need to get it fixed. In most cases, it is the transponder key that gets damaged due to some reason or fails to connect with the immobilizer. That’s when you need transponder key programming.

Combining analog and digital technology, transponder key programming may involve physical repairs and replacing the chip, attending to any bugs or issues that may be plaguing the chip and the connection with the software and it could be some simple installation or upgrade issues as well.

Specialized Transponder Key Programming

Our expertise in transponder key programming transcends brands, models and manufacturing year. Whether you have lost your original key or you need a minor issue to be fixed, you need a new key made or the present key remedied; we can help with all kinds of transponder key programming.

Automotive locksmith business in Peoria and Phoenix specializing in transponder key programming.

If you live in Peoria or Phoenix Arizona then you will be happy to learn that we are the areas leading provider of transponder key programming services. We want you to choose AZ Locksmith as your automotive locksmith and transponder key programming service. Call now. (602) 344-9599

You probably did not know this about automotive keys.

You probably did not know this about automotive keys.
car keys

There’s no denying that cars have a major role in our life and that’s exactly why we need to make sure that we take care of them properly. One of the best steps in keeping your car running properly is having a good set of automotive keys and even some spare ones as that’s how you can make sure that you can always drive your car without a problem. But do you know how many types of car keys are there? Here’s a quick rundown that will help you figure out the amount of automotive keys that can be found in the US:

Transponder keys

These keys are complex as they integrated a computer microchip which is electronically coded and also embedded in the plastic body. The tech was first created in 1995 and since then it has managed to integrate quite a lot of value because the code in the microchip is automatically seen by the car as you use it. That’s what makes the car run and without it or with a fake key, the car will just fail to run. Even if there are transponder key programming requirements, the reality is that the transponder key is very useful and safe.

Remote control key

As you can expect, remote control keys are designed in order to help you open and close your car but also start the engine remotely. They are more expensive when compared to others in this list, however their main benefit is the fact that you can open up the car from afar and that does offer an immense value. However, the issue here is that this type of keys uses batteries and that’s what makes it less trustworthy when compared to other models on the market.

VAT key

This particular key type is basically a key that integrates an anti-theft system. Basically the entire system comes with a resistor chip that is added to the car key for extra security. Replicating the resistor chip is close to impossible and that’s what makes the VAT key one of the best and most secure choice.

Laser cut car keys

It’s a great and very secure type of car key that uses laser precision in order to cut the key. Not only is it very efficient but it also delivers an amazing value all around even if it’s a little expensive, however the added security is well worth it.

Mechanically cut key

The mechanically cut car key is very common and inexpensive, however the problem is that one can easily duplicate it. So yes, it is affordable but not that secure, which is why upgrading to another, more secure one is a good idea if you care about security in the first place.

As you can see, there are multiple types of car keys out there. Don’t hesitate and check out all of them, as they do help you obtain some amazing results. Depending on your needs and safety concerns, you can opt for any of them, but do focus on a specific budget and see the model of your car, then it will be easy to find the one that suits your needs!

Ask AZ Locksmith to become your Phoenix locksmith company!

Specializing in keys cut for residential, commercial and automotive applications. Our locksmith business guarantees our services and are the best in Arizona. Call now. (602) 344-9599

What An Automotive Locksmith In Peoria AZ Can Do For You?

What An Automotive Locksmith In Peoria AZ Can Do For You?

You have been doing errands across the City of Peoria Arizona. Then you return from grocery shopping and have frozen goods in the trunk. You stop off at a gas station and run in to get a drink. All of a sudden you see in slow-motion the driver’s door closing and the keys aren’t in your hands. It’s a micro-second too late when you see the keys in your middle console. What do you do?

Of course this is time for an automotive locksmith! There are other times when a locksmith can be highly useful. Here are three of the main things he or she can do for you:

Auto locksmithYou need an automotive locksmith in Peoria to provide you with services to the above scenario. By far this is the most common task an automotive locksmith takes on. The Peoria locksmith arrives at your location and gets started. Whether you locked your car keys inside, or lost them somewhere, the Peoria locksmith has a solution and can get you back on the road in minutes flat.

Ask your Peoria locksmith a time frame when he or she will arrive and base your decision on how time sensitive your situation is. If you have groceries in the car, you may have a little more time than if you have a baby in the vehicle. Be sure to communicate to the Peoria locksmith your exact situation and locksmith services that you think that you need so they can service you best.

Another task a Peoria locksmith provides is repairing car key fobs. Let’s say your car door won’t open or your vehicle won’t start when you turn the key. It is possible that you need a key fob replacement. For some reason or another keys can get worn down unevenly and cease to work. A Peoria locksmith can step in and replace it. Of course, be sure to ask on the phone to make sure your chosen locksmith can handle this service before they come out.

Finally, an automotive locksmith in Peoria will program your remote key and transponder if needed. There are times when a remote key or transponder fail. Sometimes the reason is obvious, if you know it was damaged by a swift blow, and sometimes it isn’t. All you know is that the key won’t work. A locksmith can reprogram both easily and get you into your vehicle. Again though- be sure you ask for this service when you are calling around for help.

An automotive locksmith is sometimes a necessity when things go wrong with a vehicle’s locking system. Remember to always let the locksmith know exactly what you need prior to having them come out and find out what the fees are. Ask if there are any additional fees to worry about also. In case of an emergency, you want exactly the service you need to get you safely on your way.

Arizona Locksmith is the BEST choice when you need a qualified automotive locksmith in Peoria.

Our automotive locksmith business in Peoria is the best choice when deciding to hire a professional locksmith. We want you to choose us now. Give us a call to book your appointment. (602)344-9599

Innovative ways to increase the security of your property

Innovative ways to increase the security of your property

Burglar entering homeMaking your home secure doesn’t have to be as complex as you might expect. If you have already taken steps to secure your home by investing in an alarm system or having the locks re-keyed after moving in, you have already taken some of the most important safety precautions. Now it is time for you to implement a few of the more clever ideas that are designed to make your home appear more secure. Making your home more secure is possible if you follow a few simple tips.

Here are s few of the simple tips designed to make your home more secure:


The last thing that you want to do as a homeowner is to flaunt what you’ve got. This means that you want to make it appear like you do not have any valuables. This means that all blinds need to be closed, but you also really shouldn’t keep anything of increased wort in your home. Getting a safety deposit box at a secure location is actually the best place to store all of your most valuable possessions.


You also need to make your home looks like security is a priority to you. This can be done by having fencing around your home. Security lights can also be a god addition to your property and having some type of sign or sticker that advertises the security alarm system that you have installed is also a good way to deter burglars. If you want to keep them out, they need to perceive that you take home security seriously.

Air Conditioners

You might think that an air conditioner in the window will keep your home cooler in the summer, but it is actually an advertisement for burglars. Getting into your home through a window is a piece of cake if you have an air conditioner in the window. This means that if you are going to place an air conditioner in a window, make sure that it is fully secure so that no one can break in.

Glass Door

Glass inserts on your door might look stylish, but they are actually a security concern. If the glass is near the doorknob, it is easy to just break the glass and easily unlock the door from the inside. You make it way too easy for burglars when you install doors of this type on your property. Smash and twist is the technique a burglar will use if your front door has glass.

Door Locks

Last but not least, install high quality locks that are made of premium materials. The higher the grade of lock that you install the greater your security is going to be. Do not skimp on the most important security feature of your home by installing low quality locks. High quality locks are worth every penny to feel safe and secure.

Use Smart Thinking When Finding The Right Locksmith

Use Smart Thinking When Finding The Right Locksmith

Locksmith installing security locksThe best time to find a quality service person, who specializes in changing, opening or fixing locks, will be before an emergency arises. The individual will want to have a list of professionals that they can call on during an emergency, such as an auto technician, plumber or locksmith. The client should use smart thinking when finding the right locksmith, and this should be a local service company.

A customer will be able to visit a local locksmith at their business location. Many specialize in creating replacement keys for a home or vehicle. Some may be able to service commercial clients who may need frequent key services. The information for contacting the company should be stored in the person’s cellphone or address book.

Some people may not think about getting a locksmith until they are placed in an emergency situation which may be due to being locked out of a home, building or vehicle. An individual with Internet access on their cellphone should be able to quickly locate a directory of companies offering locksmith services in their area. The client may also want to give a trusted friend or family member a call to see if they have any recommendations for locksmiths in the area.

If the driver has roadside assistance via a warranty or membership, they should contact this provider first. The cost of membership may include a set amount of times that they can get assistance with a lockout at no charge. Drivers without roadside benefits will want to call several locksmiths to find out their prices and availability.

A person will know that they have found the best locksmith company by the response time. A quality provider will send a technician to the customer’s location in a timely manner as soon as the request is accepted into their business systems. Many technicians are trained on how to gain access to a home or vehicle without causing any damage. – That’s a “real” reliable locksmith.

A great locksmith will present the best solution, and most situations will not require that they drill and replace a lock. An estimate should be given to the customer prior to the start of a job. A technician should also arrive in a clearly marked company vehicle. Many companies will want to verify that the customer is the owner of the property or vehicle prior to providing access to the unit.

When the consumer takes the time to become familiar with a reputable local locksmith prior to an emergency, they will also want to verify that the business has the proper licenses and insurance. The client will also want to check with the local business association to make sure there are no complaints against the company. If work is performed after finding the right locksmith, the responding technician should provide the client with an itemized receipt of all services provided.

The types of lock for your home security

The types of lock for your home security

Locks installedYour home security depends almost entirely on the type of locks used. There are many types of locks available. Some of the commonly used types include padlocks, knob locks etc. They should be installed keeping in mind the position and use of that door or cabinet.

The security of the home largely depends on the choice of locks and doors that you make for the home. The superior quality and the latest technology of the locks are the best friend of your home security and hence understanding the needs and choosing accordingly is essential for your home maintenance. There are several types of locks that you can chose from that ranges from ones with very simple lever system and to computerized ones. The position of the door also should be taken into consideration while you choose the locks.

  • Padlocks

These are the only type of lock that are portable and can be taken and attached anywhere as per your need. They come in two major variety that are namely the combination and the keyed. While the padlocks have the advantage of portability the drawback associated with them is their vulnerability. They can be easily broken with proper application of force.

  • Knob locks

As the name suggests, this type of lock have a rotating knob and that plays a major role in the locking system. They are commonly found in many residential houses. This kind of locks are also prone to lock picking and if they are being used for external doors then they should be accompanied with secondary lock for added security. However they look sophisticated.

  • Deadbolts

They are commonly used for external doors and often are accompanied with knob locks. There are majorly three types of these locks namely the single cylinder, lockable thumb fan and the double cylinder. To increase the security of the deadbolt often the lock guard is installed along with it.

  • Cam locks

A locking system that is commonly seen with filing cabinets and lock boxes the cam locks uses a metal tail piece for a key and that is made for rotating the cam in and out of the door. The usually have pin tumbler or tubular locking mechanism which are known to be susceptible to picking of lock.

  • Euro Profile cylinder

These are majorly found in sliding doors particularly popular in north America. The lock should be matched with the thickness of the door in order to ensure that it is not rendered powerless against lock breaking completely.

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